Use the VBA SaveAs Method in Excel FileFormat Case FileExtStr = “. xlsx”: FileFormatNum = 51 Case roject Then. I have just started looking at code saving in vba and I am sure this will seem like a stupid question to a lot of you out there. After reading a. Note: This method has been added to the Excel object model with Excel and requires the Save as PDF or XPS Add-in for Microsoft Office programs to.

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I need help tweaking vba code that sends one sheet from excel via outlook | Windows Secrets Lounge

Member List Calendar Forum Rules. Force SaveAs with macro-enabled sheet.

I agreed to these rules. Force SaveAs with macro-enabled sheet October 21st, I have a similar issue to this thread except that the spreadsheet does need to be saved as a macro-enabled sheet.

Fileformwtnum Excel workbook template is in a SharePoint library When the user closes the file or clicks Save or SaveAs it needs to be automatically fileformafnum to a different SharePoint library using the value in a cell location as the file name.

There are macros in the spreadsheet that need to remain so it must be saved as an. I am getting the prompt that the VB project cannot be saved in a macro-free workbook although I am specifying file format 51 Here is the code: October 25th, Force SaveAs with macro-enabled sheet try These are the main file formats in ExcelNote: October 26th,exfel Force SaveAs with macro-enabled sheet Thank you!


October 30th, Force SaveAs with macro-enabled sheet Thanks for all your help but Fipeformatnum have another question. How do I bypass the BeforeSave event to save the original template document if I make changes to it?

This works so well that it always saves as the calculated file name. I tried saving it from the VB window but it still triggers the SaveAs code. Help Contact Us Go to top. Ozgrid is Not Associated With Microsoft.