View and Download Electro-Voice SHER specification sheet online. Electro -Voice Horn-Loaded Stage Speaker System Specification Sheet. SHER. Set of 2 Electro-Voice SHER Watt 8-Ohm Stage Speakers w/ HornsSpeakers are in excellent conditionOriginal owner. Maybe used at a dozen gigs so. Blow people away with your loud sound! The Electroc-Voice SHER is a watt, two way, high-efficiency, constant-directivity stage system that features a.

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Results 1 to 12 of Anyone heard of, or have any experience with these speakers?

I have heard them. This is an EV pro sound speaker, mostly they are used for DJ setups.

I’m not trying to put them down, they sound like a good EV PA speaker. I have gone to many a wedding and the DJ had these speakers. No real complaints they do the job they were intended for. I actually picked them up from a cinema where they had been used as a portable 5102er of some sort. They had a nice punch to them, sold them and bought more JBL. Was I proud of them, especially after I saw Chicago at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, using them for stage monitors, Each horn player had one Eliminator directly behind him–three in a row.


All of us are familiar with the display of lighters now cell phones resulting in thousands of specs of light in a huge concert arena. Well that tradition started with that very Chicago 150e2r in Toronto The bands gear did not show up until after midnight.

At first they tried to play 3 songs on the house P. A roadie ran out on stage and told Terry Kath their gear had arrived. The whole show was set up in an hour–no sound check. The lights went down around 1AM.

As the crowd grew in anticipation, everyone started cheering wildly and a few people decided to hold up their lighters. Spontaneously the lights grew section after section until there was a sea of candles. The band walked out on stage and were totally floored. They walked around in circles looking out into the arena and shouted into the mics, “I can’t believe this, This is incredible! A magical night and a rock tradition was born Originally Posted by The Dude.

They sound pretty good and punchy now i’ve EQ’d them, though they dont like it when i run my c jbl sub. The bass seems out of phase between them then the jbl and the ev’s, not the two ev’s also Akira, i loved that story, imagine what it would be like to walk on stage to play and see that? The bass 15022er out of phase between them then the jbl and the ev’s, not the two ev’s.



The EVG speaker used in these aren’t a very “heavy duty” speaker. Used responsibly, the cabs will last you though. The guy who ran the Acoustics lab gave them to me when they were closing down the place after the big corporate takeover crap. I used them in my 26×30 garage with great success I always wanted to 15022er the horn out and replace it with the Audax PROMO driver and then add a horn tweeter on top.

Electro Voice SH-1502ER – What would you do with them?

Should have kept them. By horseshead in forum Lansing Product General Information. Cars with loud speakers may be seized in the city?? All times are 1502eg The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.