Article byWieger about speaker kit Duetta I have been “stumbling” onto reports about the Eton chassis, with beautiful flowery descriptions and installed in all. Your specialist für loudspeakers, home hifi, pro audio, car-hifi, electronic parts, capacitors, inductors, resistors, circuit boards and accessories. Actually i had no need for yet another speaker. Our livingroom was well equipted with SB18, SB30 Center and a MDS12 Subwoofer. But our bedroom had old.

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You just hear much more detail without having to concentrate on picking out certain fine points.

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If you want to reach a high level with fewer watts, you’ll have to forego the bass depth. The speakers would use two colors. SB 15 BR When it comes down to it, the world of domestic loudspeakers is really fairly simple: But our bedroom had old speakers that could well be replaced and i was in a mood to build smoething, so i ordered the First Time 9 set.

It was an almost unaffordable hobby for me, and that was a good 27 years ago. This is often caused the acquisition of a company by another that resulted in a changed objective.

Duetta Standtop by Matthias

It never needed to be high-priced. In order duetga avoid visible joints, the slats had to be cut to size according to the construction data. We doubled the volume of the SB 15 Rear and the number of basses, and that gave us the name: In terms of the sound, I had found my ideal loudspeakers.


It soon occurred to me that I could build my dream loudspeakers myself. So I was looking etoj good stereo speakers that could also be used as front loudspeakers. They ended up as bird houses in a deserted area of the garden. The deep tone in particular always surprises me.

Duetta byTscheyPi about speaker kit Duetta. All of the slats were glued down one by one, and the cabinets were put together for the first time.

The negative pieces were stuck to the back wall to use as feet.

At first, the primary function of the skeleton was as a base for the slats on the back wall when everything is pulled tight with tension belts. Rolfs Wallstreet Now that the Duetta is all set up in my home office and the SB36s have been finished as the replacements for the living room report in the August issuethe next thing was to do the back loudspeakers for the surround system. A car moving from left to right, a plane overhead and a train from the front to the back of the room are easy to reproduce when you have five to seven sound sources with a low-frequency foundation and an explanatory image.

Another subwoofer had to be added which would shake the foundation. In this photo, all of the front pieces are already glued together; the curve has been sanded, and everything is ready for the upcoming experiment: They ended up as bird houses in a deserted area of the garden.


It should be said in advance that I will be discussing errors here that occur at a very high level and that are only apparent after comparing two versions for a long period of time. One thing was clear right away: There was nothing out of place, only beauty. Not that I really need another pair of speakers, but those are reasonably priced and seem to offer great sound.

In addition, six or seven boards glued together to make dietta nice-looking box would probably sound just as good, and it would be finished much faster than this project. Triagra As we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and beautiful sounds are in the ear of the listener.

Boris had subjected the SB 18 to a test at home and thought that everything in my sound description was realistic. Post eotn of 4.

Lautsprecher, Selbstbau, Eton, Duetta, ER4 und Etonkombi spielt auf allerhöchstem High End Niveau

Richards Duetta Top A few years ago, a defining deutta convinced me of the advantages of having good loudspeakers. You can narrow the results down further or get more results if you like. Wall It has always been a particular goal for us to build boxes that the world actually needs.