Erich Przywara was a Jesuit priest, philosopher, and theologian of German- Polish origin, who .. John Betz, “Translator’s Introduction,” in Erich Przywara, Analogia Entis: Metaphysics: Original Structure and Universal Rhythm, Eerdmans , Grand. ERICH PRZYWARA: A NEW EVALUATION Karl Barth, and the German Jesuit, Erich . analogy of being, the analogia entis; he argues that the. Erich Przywara’s Interventions in the Philosophy and Theology of the s The first thing to say about the analogia entis is that Przywara did not invent it;.

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While linguistic analogy understands itself as a doctrine about how creatures make statements about God, my impression is that once this becomes a metaphysical principle the question of what it means for the creature to identify and interact with such a principle in the first place is not considered until the principle is already annalogia developed in the abstract and then applied to the creaturely realm as a mold to which it must then conform.

Erich Przywara

As a creaturely construct, the analogia entis is a form that always points beyond itself — All of which is to say that Eikelboom is well within her rights to ask me just what I mean by it. It is therefore in its own right an important piece of theology, but as an influence on the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Karl Rahner, and as Karl Barth’s primary Catholic interlocutor, Przywara’s theology is also important for understanding the moves made in twentieth-century theology more generally.

Section 5 tersely rpzywara analogy from logic and dialectic.

But if God would create only wisely, then if the creature is to exist by God’s free mercy analogiaa, then certain other things — debita naturae — must also exist. He is conscious of historicality and historicity without falling into relativism. Wrich Theology of Becoming New York: He is intimately familiar with the philosophy being written in his time, yet he is not swayed by appeals to novelty. Enter beauty, which for both Przywara and Balthasar exists as a transcendental of being, and yet the one nearest to the flesh.

It is my hope that this symposium can help us to see how Przywara is important to contemporary theological thought both because he profoundly influenced it, and because the elemental form qnalogia his thought is decisive for how contemporary thought could be.


One ericb admire—even marvel at—such philosophical prescience. Analogka accusation, as far as I know, has never been that analogy insufficiently chastens historicizing iconoclasts. Sign in Create an account. With sin, and the consequent withdrawal from the divine presence, the creaturely gap proper to our nature, now empty, invites anxiety.

Our forebears wagered their finite intellectual being to give account of the originary source in a manner meeting the level of their own times. And this is ultimately the difference between Heaps and I. It wiggles between critiques of occlusive sameness and fragmenting difference.

Analogia Entis – Erich Przywara : Eerdmans

In light of all of that, I suspect I am more intellectually and existentially mobilized by wnalogia moment of ordering determination in our creaturely being than Eikelboom, who has expressed more concern with it appears to me at this point the end to which this determination is a means: And so Insight closes with an appeal to special transcendent knowledge, to the supernatural gifts of the conjugate forms required for przjwara healing and elevating of the human spirit, to the mysterious law of the cross that is the divinely originated solution to the problem of evil.

The dialectic with the other, if it will be authentic, needs to be open to dialectical transformations within myself. Dionysius explicates this self-communicative inclination in God in Divine Names 4 in terms of Eros or yearning.

Anaolgia this point I would reiterate my gratitude to my respondent for pushing my account from the intra- to the inter-traditional. It is something literally unsayable, which comes from infinitely further than is comprised in the finite dialogic situation, and is directed infinitely further than can be expressed in the creaturely word in fully formed words.

He shows instead that there are hidden a posteriori elements in any a priori approach, and aanalogia versa—in fact, doubly so.

In this regard, the other analogka Thomistic insight which Przywara develops in conjunction with predicamental analogy is a profoundly creative understanding of the Thomistic real distinction between essence and existence. These initial options are then taken up in connection with the transcendentals in Section 2, which reveal the implicit breadth of creaturely being. As a concept that has been used by so many thinkers with various inflections, it cannot be adopted unproblematically.

Attending to the facticity and temporality of man’s existing in ahalogia world, the early Heidegger simply did not consider God. For Przywara, however, creatureliness is an oscillation between essence and existence.

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It began, instead, as a bit of a goof, meant to relieve the persistent tension of trying to explain this mentality that I have found somewhat bereft of its own rhetoric. What Ryan Hemmer has done for us here is both significant and subtle, and I want to spend some time drawing out the implications of his thesis. On this view, however, our critical interrogation of the tradition is equally orzywara.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to the rest of our conversation. He is fully in possession of a cognition theory that highlights how intelligence abstracts from sensation, converts itself to images, issues forth concepts, judges conceptual validity, intends the consequent good, and ultimately decides for or against the good During this time he also published some of his wartime manuscripts and lectures, and in the last years of his life he authored a number of new works.

And so, while it has the ground, end, and definition of its being as its priusas its goal, and its ultimate meaning, it cannot wrich away from this more fundamental relation to reach its goal.

Our ecstatic imitation and participation of that human manner of living and acting which Christ united to Himself pzywara the very means by which we are divinized.

I want to spend some time with Glory of the Lord Iwhich emphasizes aesthetics.

Yet, in its specification to a revealed mystery, the particularity of that mystery occasions the emergence of new, formally philosophical questions, and allows the theological context of that emergence to serve as materials for the development pgzywara the philosophical doctrine.

Horizons “The translators are to be congratulated for having resurrected this treasure of a book so well and for giving it a new life in English at the junction of philosophy and theology we have come to. If, upon reflection, Heaps decides that dialectic is the best framework then he will have to do the sifting work I mentioned. One axis is the oscillation between essence and existence and likewise between a priori and a posteriori methodologies.