Engines of Creation The Coming Era of Nanotechnology · K. Eric Drexler. Anchor Books, See also: Engines of Creation Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology. K. Eric. Drexler, Anchor Books, Doubleday, (downloaded from. The Engines of Creation: Eric Drexler. Molecular-sized robots, or nanotechnology , sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but with our technological capabilities.

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Maybe in this way, universes begin to emerge. Feynman was the first to introduce the idea, but it was Drexler that really ran with it.

Engines of Creation – Wikipedia

Reminded me of the ‘s when engnies expected technology would solve all future woes. Open Preview See a Problem? I read this book when I was about Mattster rated it it was amazing Apr 23, I was reminded of Arthur C Clarke’s 3rd law of technology: Predicting global order and dynamics along with governmental cooperation and alliances is much more pernicious than predicting technical or scientific advances. There is no fiction here, no etic, no pacing, no characterisation; none of the lovely things I would either praise or lambaste in most books.

Engines of Creation The Coming Era of Nanotechnology by K. Eric Drexler

If we don’t transform our institutions, culture, and perceptions to be in pace with the development of enignes, technology may spin out of our control. Je mehr Lifte und Stationen entstehen, desto mehr Material kann direkt weiter ins All geschickt werden.


Such tyranny could be eternal, and could be in your own mind, without even the ability t This is the masterpiece of physics ideas that: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology written for a general audience and Nanosystems: Sie werden denn Sinn einer solch ineffektiven Massenproduktion nicht verstehen.

Jan 02, Crfation rated it it was amazing.

Imagine, billions of small machines are floating in your blood. The Coming Era of Nanotechnology by K. This will be like the stone age for our heirs in the Nano Age.

Topics covered include nanotechnology’s relationship to scientific knowledge, the evolution of ideas, artificial intelligencehuman life span, limits to growth, healing the environment, prevention of technological abuse, space development, and the need for new social technologies-such as hypertext publishing and fact forums-to help us deal with rapid technological change. There is only sound speculation, written by someone who knows rric what he is talking about.

Very thorough, some progressive content considering drexled it was written and fairly accessible for someone who is not at all from a technical background. Except that out of the source code, programs and algorithms instead of images, videos, and words universes, dimensions, multiverses, and parallel universes are formed. The enginrs spends a lot of time discussing the risks of the nanotechnology revolution along with motigation strategies.


Engines of Creation 2.0: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

This book offers a non-technical description of the next technological revolution. This was relayed exceptionally well, to me at least other readers seem to have misunderstoodas he analyses, elaborates upon, and ultimately offers in considerable detail the potentials of this forthcoming technology.

That would put software engineers in the status of gods. Drexler is currently an academic visitor at Oxford University. James rated it really liked it Aug 26, Feb 06, Hieu Cao rated it really liked it.

Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

This was relayed exceptionally well, to me at least other readers seem to have misunderstoodas he analyses, elaborates upon, and ul I require an exclamation.

Return to Book Page. An effective cure and therapy of several diseases and the solution of problems of the environment, scarcity, production bottlenecks, food production, etc. Like the miniaturization and Moore’s Law in the previous development, the steady improvement in the smaller and smaller machines will scratch on the building blocks and layers of reality.

Views Read Edit View history. The most significant potential unfolds when nanotechnology and biotechnology are coordinated.