Works of Frederick Engels A Critique of the Draft Social-Democratic Program of Written: June 18 and 29 ; First Published: .. Erfurt Program. Das Erfurter Programm (German Edition) – Kindle edition by Karl Kautsky. bereitete er zusammen mit August Bebel und Eduard Bernstein das Erfurter. The Erfurt Program of the German Social Democratic Party (). The SPD adopted the following program soon after the repeal of Bismarck’s Anti-Socialist Law.

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The Erfurt Program

Ecclesiastical and religious communities to be treated as private associations, which manage their affairs quite independently. Eduard Bernstein, Evolutionary Socialism Indemnity for the elected representatives. Gary Steenson, “Not One Man! From many points of view it is very tempting to answer the question in the negative, especially if one starts from the sentence in the Communist Manifesto: You do not currently have access to this article.

The system of small states and Prussianism are the two sides of the antithesis now gripping Germany in a vice, in which one side must always serve as the excuse and justification for the existence of the other. If all the 10 demands were granted we should indeed have more diverse means of achieving our main political aim, but the aim itself would in no wise have been achieved.

Erfurt Program – Wikipedia

A new legislature every two years. The organisation of the workers and their constantly growing resistance will possibly check the increase of misery to a certain extent. Removal of every curtailment of political rights except in case of tutelage. Too much should not be sacrificed for the sake of popularity, and the mental ability and educational level of our workers should not be underestimated.


The last two phrases repeat the same thing. Universal suffrage in Germany could serve Bismarck temporarily as a tool, but finally it compelled Bismarck to serve it as a tool. Administration of the law by judges elected by the people.

Programma di Erfurt – Wikipedia

Instead of this declamatory phrase, which looks as though we still regret the ruin of the bourgeois and petty bourgeois, I should state the simple fact: Holding of elections on a legal holiday. Slavery after Rome, — Annual voting of taxes. Although the following reform program, enacted at an Erfurt assembly incontinues to call for revolution, it also provides 1819 of a new practical orientation within frfurter Socialist Party — one that encouraged its members to work through existing political institutions.

On the contrary, it might cost less surplus labor to keep a few thousand privileged persons in sumptuousness than half-a-million or more in wealth. The working class cannot carry on its economic battles or develop its economic organization without political rights. Demands for Measures of Protection for the Workers. This article is also available proggramm rental through DeepDyve.

But universal suffrage is only a part of democracy, although a part which in time must draw the other parts after it as the magnet attracts to itself the scattered portions of iron. Abolition of all indirect taxes, customs, and progdamm politico-economic measures that sacrifice the interests of the whole community to the interests of a favored minority.


But the contrary is the case. An effective national and international legislation for the protection of workmen on the following basis: The abolition of classes is our basic demand, without which the abolition of class rule is economically inconceivable. In its struggle for Here I should say: Graduated tax peogramm income and property, to meet all public expenses as far as these are to be covered by taxation.

Abolition of all laws that are prejudicial to women in their relations to men in public or private law. He published his findings in in a book that caused uproar within the labor movement and gave birth to “Revisionist” socialism.

Programma di Erfurt

To my view the programme should be as short and precise as possible. Production by separate entrepreneurs, which is increasingly becoming an exception. Abolition of all laws that limit or suppress the free expression of opinion and restrict or suppress the right of association and assembly.