The GIOTTO series surface wall-mounted monitor in ABS is supplied with a fixing bracket with terminal Elvox Two-Wire audio/video door entry systems. CN1). Connector for electronic unit. CN2). Connector for programmer type C. B2). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). B1). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). EXT+). External. Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information 5 12 GIOTTO AND SERIES MONITORS ® GIOTTO SERIES MONITORS.

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Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information

The device also has two LEDsone for indicating that the ringtone is OFF red indicator and one to indicate that the door lock is open green indicator ; the use of these two devices requires additional connections as shown in the wiring diagrams. An electronic device diverts all calls from the entrance panel to the porter ringtone.

Variations 42 and 43 Wiring diagram of monitor self-start button Must be used with speech unit type A type Standard power supply for video door entry system with and without conversation privacy.

Switching with the speech unit takes place automatically with the call from the entrance panel. V1 M V2 M V3 Monitor type 75 Ohm Remove the connection jumper V3M from the monitor terminal block and set the microswitch located under the monitor to the twisted position. Wiring diagram of additional transformers for bulbs Connect the terminals as shown in the diagram, from 1 to It is advisable to protect the device with a wall-mounted canopy or other form of shelter. To open the door lock from the night interphone, simply press the pushbutton.


Maximum capacity of the relay 630 The entrance panel must be installed at the entrance. Testing the equipment, fasten the plate with the security screws, using the special key supplied point “E” fig.

During Night service, a call sent from the entrance panel elvlx only the ringtone of the night service interphone type A. Ground for terminals V.

If the indicator red LED illuminates, this indicates that the call is disabled see point “G” ; only on models with this elvod.

These monitors may be also used with A. To activate the auxiliary service, press the push-button with the symbol Auxiliary services Max load 3A V. Mains By means of switch type it is possible to set call intensity to one of three levels or disable the ringtone with visual indication by means of a LED. Depending on requirements, A fewer or more monitors or interphones may be installed, provided they do not collectively exceed the seven units corresponding to the interphone push-buttons.


This power supply is ideal for installation in restructured systems and for the conversion of existing doorbell systems to door entry systems. Function settings for card type Monitor activation call CN2: To communicate with an interphone from the switchboard during Daytime operation: Audio polarization Speech unit loudspeaker Speech unit microinterphone Call generator output with modulated tone.

The operation of the other entrance panel is excluded and the last call has the priority over all preceding calls. Wiring diagram of video distributor elvoxx cable risers The treatment consists in nickel plating, gold plating and PVD titanium nitrate surface coating. The subject to be filmed must be lit frontally so as to avoid filming against the light. Must be used with power supply type type Desk-top conversion kit for monitors evox, and Wiring diagram of additional power supply type for more than one monitor type Any other use is deemed improper and hence dangerous.


Alpha Communications™ ” SURF. B+W MONITORWHITE

With three submaster interphones, use the master device with three buttons plus 3 additional buttons and the secondary devices with one push-button plus one additional button.

These power supplies are equipped with double or triple elvx tone generator Sound Systemwhich replaces the conventional AC call on a buzzer or bell.

Last distributor type Top floor Distributor type Mains To monitors 4th floor Distributor type Power supply type To monitors 3rd floor Distributor type To monitors 2nd floor Distributor flvox To monitors 1st floor To power supply type Wiring diagram: Single residence video door entry system with entrance panel with letter box for kit type P While we endeavor to supply accurate information, we can take no responsibility for errors or misinterpretations in any of the content of this site.

Three main types of system can be set up: The card can be used in all audio and video wlvox with Sound System call and AC call, but not for intercommunicating systems with audio door entry system. A blocking circuit cuts off power to the monitors if the line is overloaded or 6300.