Sus dos herramientas proféticas, el Encantamiento del Sueño y el Telektonon abrieron la Profecía de Pacal Votan para el cambio de la.

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Submission to the will of God is at the centre of the Law of the Cube. Of the 27 books of the New Testament, the 27th is Revelations. These Nine Lords of Time are known in Mayan as the Bolontiku; their counter-parts are the Oxlahuntiku-the nine lords and the thirteen lords, respectively.

Are they destined to return? Since telepathy is a function of true time, to play Telektonon is to rediscover the technology of telepathy. Children of the day of truth, people of the dawn, people of the book, foursquare is my talking stone, invisible its design, its crystal lacing of telektnoon histories met in my human form.

Seven is the mystic perfection between one and thirteen. The roman pontiff visited Palenque in january right during the prophecy wavespell.

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And in that palace foursquare is the tower of the Cube of the Law. Book Transcribed by Valum Votan. Thirteen Baktuns, one perfect cycle to rehearse all thirteen star histories.

The Storm of Non-Ego Thus it was that the Wheel of Prophecy turned the first of these sixteen cycles in AD and completed the sixteenth of these year cycles in ADin partial fulfilment of the Harmonic Convergence of all prophecy. Ways that we are just starting to understand and make fully conscious… Since the moment of its finding, new archeological and numerological evidence has been uncovered to bring NOW more multi-dimensional and archetypal aspects of the Telektonon prophecy to the surface.


We are the ones who, by following the steps and guidance of our ancestors, and of our Higher Self, can still enact our own liberation from a world that keeps us at large entrapped in the walls of materialism and the numbing effects of the artificial time matrix.

But this was not enough, the seventh trumpet had yet to sound, and so it did in the fortieth year following the discovery of my Uranian ark of stone.

Descifrando el Código Profético 19.11 del Acertijo dejado por el Maestro Ascendido Valum Votan

Photocopy of the original set. This blueprint was also decoded by Kin re If you can remember, leave this burning house and know that a better way has already been prepared for you, a holy victory march, my seven years of prophecy, Telektonon, the sacred revelation of time. Notify me of new comments via email. I am Pacal Votan, witness of time.

It came out as a booklet containing inspirational verses. Make sure to use the right navigation compass to enter the next stages of this collective evolutionary journey on planet Earth with FULL Awareness!

In a degree twist of the original story, this Pzcal was later catalogued by scientists as a Black Hole:. Six years later, induring the first year of the th and final katun cycle of history, I began to decode the prophecy of Pacal Votan, some forty-one years after the tomb had been opened.


So, the tzolkin relates as much to organic processes on the earth as to celestial cycles in the heavens. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Pacal Votan – Tortuga

Numerology comes into play here, because 2. Knowing this body as the measure of time, I had built this palace and this tower to telektonpn and to also look for the Tower of Babel, a memory of the remembering. Notify me of new posts via email. The Game of Prophecy. Me gusta Me gusta.

If we include the center of the bud we arrive to 41 sections. Given at the request of King Suchandra of Shambhala who travelled far from Central Asia to receive this teaching, the teaching of the Wheel of Time closed the life of Lord Buddha. Thirteen moons the path e walk, thirteen moons the path to talk; people of the dawn, one mind, people of the book, one God; one living prophecy, one people, one Heaven, one Earth. From the other side of the veil, the Ascended Masters of the New Time are bringing back to life what they once inscribed in Eternity within the fruit of their love: A su vez, Mono 3 codifica Truly, the hour of judgement is come.