DrumKit, SYNTH, EFM-DrumKit is a double 16 step pattern drumkit. 12 drum elements. 2 X 16 step pattern. A / B patterns loop program. Host sync. , WIN . The BassAce is a small midi-synth based loosely on the TB It can be built many different ways. Depending on how it’s configured it can be anything from. Electronics for Music is a haven for synth-diy enthusiasts. EFM sells low-cost printed circuit boards for analog synthesizer projects.

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And many thanks to CJ Miller for providing all the old pre files. Axx is an Arp Axxe emulator.

There are only 16 presets included with Micro Modular but the layout of this synth is pretty intuitive and it should take little time coming up with a bunch of nice presets yourself. Pro-SE is a classic 2 oscillators analog synthesizer.

Download Free Analog synth plug-in: Hyperwave by EFM

So ele4music seemed to be the way to go. Added a touch more res to the filter. Ob is an Oberheim ob-8 emulation.


The funny thing wth the EFM stuff was that the schematic was almost the only thing you could depend on. Vogue features Classic emulation. This is just one of the wynth synths in this collection of free vst plugins and effects. Mini-SE is a classic 3 oscillators analog synthesizer. Lowered the range switches an octave.

SFS 2 is a complete SF2 player. Alpha II is a classic analog synthesizer. Axx II is an Arp Axxe emulator. Moved the Midi-Learn and Phrase Arp to a separate panel. Pro-1 is a Sequential Circuits Pro-One emulation. CDS-2 is a classic analog synth. Anyways, it was a great learning experience – due to the kind help of people like Yves Usson, Harry Bissel, and others I hope to find some more time to upload everything some day.

D-String is a string machine. Kp6 is a Korg PolySix emulation. Rjxp is a Roland JX8p emulation. Any helpful information is appreciated, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some files available that you might want to share here.


Electronics For Music- EFM

Hyperwave is a classic analog synth. Selectable reverb and delay.

So a lot of people started modifying them to achieve better results. Fuff Muzz is a classic fuzz distortion.

Fixed Osc-B range switch. This synth is capable of creating some nice analog type sounds. And then his circuits are simplified.

VST 4 FREE – Free Audio Plug-ins Archives : EFM

TB4 is a very simple arpeggiator synth. RJU is a Roland Juno emulation. There have been only few places to buy PCBs for documented projects, at least to be found for a beginner like me. Jup-6 is a Roland Jupiter 6 emulation. The topics discuss errors, tweaks and modifications