Rising to this challenge, Dr. Yeang’s proposal for the EDITT Towers won the competition for Ecological Design in the Tropics and the. Singapore’s 26 storey EDITT Tower, designed by architects T R Hamzah & Yeang, is being created to rehabilitate an urban, non-organic site. I think the “Garden State” could do with a few buildings that take some inspiration from the planned EDITT Tower in Singapore by Ken Yeang.

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Singapore’s skyline is getting greener

A particularly important point in the design of the organic components is the survey of plant life in the neighborhood of the building to ensure that the plants incorporated in the building project do not compete with indigenous species.

Share this article with a friend Just fill out the fields below and we’ll send your friend a link to this article along with a message from you. This guy is the real deal The Grid is a graphical means of presentation which permits the enumeration, coordination and analysis of the climatic conditions of a place defined by its latitude in order to direct architectural research towards solutions in accord with the human biological makeup.

Log In Sign Up. Tell us what edtt think! Los Angeles New York. The project will rehabilitate a site classified as “zero-culture”: Sign up now and have it sent straight to your inbox.

Approximately half of the surface area of the EDITT Tower will be wrapped in organic local vegetationand passive architecture will allow for natural ventilation. Top 10 vegan blogs to follow. The tower will be constructed using deitt recycled and recyclable materials, and a centralized recycling system will be accessible towef each floor. Promising to explore novel concepts such as inflatable air bags as wind fins to improve ventilation and modify wind loads; natural ventilation of the toilet areas hung on the edges of the building; and water collection scallops along the sides of the building, this is one skyscraper to watch.


This man is cloning old-growth redwoods and planting them in safe places video. The project design integrates green space to human-use area in the ratio of 1: Architecture is my profession as well as my favorite hobby. The practice of buying more books than you can read. The Andrews Government secured a massive swing at Saturday’s Victorian election in large measure because it wowed and delighted cynical voters toaer building productive infrastructure sooner rather than later.

It deals with the rectification and setting in order of the excesses of extreme climates in order to achieve, by means of architectural dispositionsconditions capable of assuring comfort and well-being. Do you live outside the United States?

Rising to this challenge, Dr. We need to confirm your email address. Join the conversation Cancel reply The Crikey comment section is members-only content. FirstI take a crack at uncovering the inspiration sources of gifted architects.

Is growth in driving really outstripping surging population?

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Riders aren’t glorified pedestrians; cycling edditt a mode of transport that belongs on dedicated on-road and off-road paths. This is what urban areas will have to become.

Comfort levels for occupants will be ensured by a mixture of options, including architectural elements designed to direct wind for ventilation and ceiling fans with water misters to minimize refrigerant based air conditioning.

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Eli Inbar is an accomplished architect who runs his own architecture firm in Jerusalem, Israel for 20 years now. Transport – general Alan Davies Nov 21, 1.


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I think it would reveal even more beauty and practicality — and I believe the users of the spaces will experience a high level of enjoyment. Each post will compare an architect’s creation with its origins for you to judge.

Aspects of the potential life cycle of a skyscraper have been taken into account, ensuring that the building can flexibly adapt to alternative uses and that materials can be easily recovered during refitting.

Additionally, sewage will be reclaimed to fertilizer and built in waste hoppers will drop separated waste streams to the basement to facilitate recycling. This is way more attractive than most of the high-rise buildings that come across this post. The importance of ecologically sound urban planning and architectural design takes on a special importance in this environment. Pete P October 17, at Email Address Email is required. Techniques used in the EDITT project include moveable partitions, removable floors and mechanically jointed as opposed to bonded construction.

Should adult cyclists be permitted on footpaths? He specializes in public establishments and hard-landscaping development. This small apartment building in Seattle could be a model for solving our housing and energy crises.

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Ken Yeang, EDITT Tower – The Urbanist

I agree to receive emails from Inhabitat. Ken Yeang’s work is featured in the brand new Eco-Design Handbook. Is infrastructure why Victorian voters swung so decisively to Labor?