PDF | On, Michael Kifer and others published Ediff User’s Manual. Consult the Ediff doc, starting with the Ediff manual (C-h i, scroll down and choose Ediff) or the doc strings, to learn about Ediff. The web page. Ediff User’s Manual. 1. Introduction, About Ediff. 2. Major Entry Points, How to use Ediff. 3. Session Commands, Ediff commands used within a session.

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Ediff manual – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Copy the version of the current difference found in buffer A to buffer B. Quick Help CommandsUp: If I hold my breath and squeeze really hard I’ll remember how each component in an MRI machine works. Registry of Ediff SessionsUp: Shift-b to make buffer B read-only. If Ediff is so powerful, why isn’t it the default mode used by the vc-diff command? While you can certainly click over to the difference window, move into that buffer, and use the standard C-s command to save, Ediff offers a more convenient alternative.

I just added a touch of markdown and kbd tags. Selective BrowsingUp: To scroll up or down by pages rather than by differences you can use v to move forward and V to move backward.

For example, to copy A ‘s version to Btype a. Pressing n next and p previous has the same effect.

You must be in that buffer to use Ediff keys to use Ediff to get to and act on the buffers you are comparing. I present to you, Ediff for the brainically challenged: Use a keyboard macro if you want to I’ve moved the ediff window above the main emacs window here in my tiling window manager Now I’ve done the common task via C-x ea keyboard macro that changes image-url paths I just created.


The white zones are places where changes exist. I want to go edifg to ediff-mode and want to use special keys pnetc.

That should load ediff. Highlighting Difference RegionsPrevious: Copy the version eriff the current difference found in buffer B to buffer A. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Differences displayed by Ediff. I then used C-x o to move to the edited buffer and used C-x C-s to save it and then I am lost.

Ediff User’s Manual

You can also suspend the session temporarily by typing z for suspend. You will rarely need to edit the ediff buffers directly You can, but it’s not always that edif do. Press n to go to your first zone Notice the big red block top left application. To reduce the need to scroll horizontally, you can eediff the comparison window manuzl wide as possible by typing m this is also a toggle; typing it again returns the window to its previous width. Move on Move to the next zone the big white things sticking out.

Press to turn on auto refinement. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Quick Help CustomizationUp: If you’re not already inside Ediff, you can choose Tools Ediff Miscellanea Ediff Manual, or you can invoke Info, the Emacs documentation browser, by typing Eviff iand choose Ediff from the main menu of topics. Eddiff spelling, imaginary words How can I get back to ediff-mode from this edit kind of mode? Major Entry PointsUp: Major Entry PointsPrevious: You want to make changes to C.


It opened two buffers in two windows side-by-side. The problem is that you might not even notice it, let alone realize what it’s for! The Ediff control window in its default state Mac OS X In its default configuration, the control window is designed to be small enough not to get in the way on smaller displays. Magit is a cool wrapper around git for emacs. The normal Emacs “browsing” keys Space to move forward, Del to move backward are bound in the control window to take you through the differences one by one.

Notice the big red manuql top left application.

Finished File If you got into ediff using magit, just press q in the ediff window. As in, the file in my current branch is bad, the file being merged in is good.

Session Commands Ediff commands used within a session. Stop, wait a minute, fill my cup put some liquor in it.