Eclipse Phase: Panopticon – Panopticon surveys three areas of the Eclipse Phase setting: Ubiquitous surveillance and sousveillance—living i. Eclipse Phase is the post-apocalyptic game of transhuman conspiracy and horror . Technology allows the re-shaping of bodies and minds, but also creates. By Rob Boyle Eclipse Phase Panopticon Vol I on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Bam, post it in here. The uplifted part is actually pretty interesting with a lot of really good artwork of the uplifted type creatures.

Jakob Randel rated it it was amazing Nov 14, But I must admit, the neo-pigs reminded me of something entirely different, when I read about them first: Pathfinder – Adventure Card Game. Michael Parker rated it really liked it Sep 14, Nice description for eckipse of the habitats and locations.

Oh, i completely forgot about the neo-pig! I wonder if Proust grenades would count as memetic attacks.

Gods, I loved Run from the Future. But still, we want more! Lumping everything useful into “Game Information” defeats the point of having tabs.

The remainder that focuses on the trope of the uplift of animals to sentience is of course more obviously fiction, but is no less interesting in its possibilities. Thanks Waldi, now i wonder about getting a Eclipse Phase take on muppet show going.

Keith rated it it was amazing Feb 27, You get the idea!

Eclipse Phase : Panopticon – Patriot Games Ltd

News 2x per month, find news, pre-orders and upcoming games. When I was reading that chapter about habitats as Morph, that’s exactly what came to my mind the PC are on the trail of a Fall War Criminal, and through investigation, find out about his possible hideout on a habitat of post human Argonaut symphatizers. This permits examination of a target’s nano-level defenses or infestationsand potentially allows the programming of your own swarms to mimic the signature of the target’s defensive swarm, hopefully permitting you to infest someone with taggants or other surveillance nanites despite their guardian swarms.


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And that habitat who seems to be dangerously malfunctioning wherever they go Lists with This Book. Similar notation as to habs where uplifts were not tolerated or were second-class citizens would also have been handy. That has been true for quite some time:. Grondenez rated it really liked it May 05, Joakim rated it really liked it Feb 01, The Gargoyle, Skulker and Shaper fill those in quite well.

Hell, now that i think about it i could even pull a Dirty Pair. Is this a conscious choice, not to have tabs for “Gear” and other sections?

Eclipse Phase: Panopticon – Boutique Philibert EN

Wolfs are for the most part more intelligent then dogs It’ll be such a wonderful addition to our current Gatecrashing campaign. Oh, never mind, just spilling each short circuits in random order. Some thoughts on the severity oanopticon Counter-Surveillance by eclipde hypercorps would also seem helpful.

Imagine a gouvernment, that uses all those fancy transhuman mesh-technology for controlling the citizens in an oldfashioned, totalitarian style. Nov 19, Siegfried Steppenwolf rated it really liked it.


The first thought I had after reading about owls and pigs was “What comes next, owlbears? It makes reading the background far more interesting and entertaining than having to wade through occasional fclipse of stats and tables, IMHO. Good to see a little humor sneaking in. Not to forget Outer System.

Medieval and Antique Games. But still bummed out over no Canine Representation among Sapients. Assaut sur l’Empire Zombicide Zombicide: Be the first to review this game. Casino Games Accessories Roulettes. And of course, the “muppets” are no mere puppets – the actors are sleeved in muppet-synthomorphs! The only newly confirmed uplift type from this particular book is the Neo-Pig, and they have a fairly firm root in transhuman sci-fi Reynolds’ Revelation Space being the most obvious.

Kyle rated it it was amazing Dec 22, The definitive sourcebook for players of Uplift characters. Dice Tray and Dice Tower.

Eclipse Phase : Panopticon

Count me in for the spacecraft chapter Panopticon 2? When I read about the pig uplifts they didn’t remind me of DnD, they reminded me more of Animal Farm and then my brain started coming up with a cool campaign idea where uplifts form a new colony to avoid human discrimination and what happens in the book loosely happens in the campaign.

Bugs check in but they don’t check out. No trivia or quizzes yet.