This is a place to construct and view variations on the Official Earthdawn rules. Earthdawn Fourth Edition Quick Start – Interested in giving Earthdawn a try, It presents an overview of the basic game concepts and rules, five. These house rules are in effect for my campaign unless otherwise noted. These variations were used with 1st Edition and have not been examined to determine.

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Feel free to post anything related to Earthdawn, but be sure to list what edition in your title to help those looking for information etc about a specific edition.

Don’t ask for published content on this subreddit. This is a place to discuss Earthdawn, earthrawn we can’t condone pirating published works.

warthdawn We’re playing a 4th Edition campaign, but as the rules are still in the works any Edition is fine. Are there rules or even lore in the cannon about gathering and building with the True Elements?

I have access to mist 1st edition books, but I don’t even know where to look. I want to build a bow using True Elements mainly because it sounds cool but can’t find any info.

The 3E Player’s Companion has rules for gathering True elements and enchanting in general. To play with enchanting, you need appropriate knacks, one of which allows you to use True elements Weave Element. There isn’t anything specific for including True elements, other than they are one method for enchanting an item. The 4E mechanics for gathering True elements and enchanting are in the forthcoming Companion, along with many examples of how to use them.


The basic mechanics for gathering True elements: Elementalists can make a PER half-magic tests against a difficulty based on how well they know the area, 6 knows it well to 15 looking at a map of a place they have never been before.

Earthdawn Rules – ity

This takes a whole day and gathers one kernel for each Result Level, starting at Average. The mechanics here have some problems, notably how this interacts with crews working together on a larger scale, and True eartudawn that can explicitly be gathered through entirely mundane methods e. Enchanting Weaving True Elements is more complicated. It involves cross-referencing the True element with the material to be enchanted, and some combinations are incompatible.

Basic Earthdawn Rules | Blue Moon Roleplaying Forums

The Difficulty increases for each additional element and opposing elements see the Litany of Elements increase it further. This does not reflect how enchanting is handled in 4E, just an FYI. The number presented should be accurate, though it is from memory.

Earthsawn this is helpful. Please let me know if there are any questions, or if there is anything further I can do. Not sure about other editions, but 1st edition “Crystal Raiders of Barsaive” had some background material about how true elements are mined.


If you want the aspect eathdawn gathering the elements to be a big part of the campaign, that may be a place to start. It is set just after “Prelude to War”, so you may have to do some tweaking to make it mesh with 4th edition timeline.

Crystal Raiders does have one paragraph about working with living crystal, but I don’t think it has any specific rules for working with true elements. Ryles haven’t read it yet, just skimmed A Manual of Mystic Secrets” has some stuff about true elements, including rules for gathering.

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Basic Earthdawn Rules

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