This Code of Practice G defines the procedures to be followed when measuring and determining data used for the billing of gases described in DVGW Code. AGA8). 2. The DVGW code of practice G (density, condensation of higher hydrocarbons) .. Beiblatt zum DVGW-Arbeitsblatt G – Ersatzwertbildung von . gemäß DVGW-Arbeitsblatt G Mit den Systemen werden Gasbeschaffenheitsergebnisse für den geschäftlichen Warenverkehr ermittelt.

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Weird, because my gas invoice is based on volume.

DVGW – Innovation and setting standards in the gas and water sectors

I also don’t buy the “normalised multiplication factor”. You have to continue with SWM for 12 months before you can decide to change to a different supplier, don’t ask me why, thems the rules.

Deep Groundwater in the crystalline basement of the Black Forest region. Stuck with SWM I’m afraid.


Gas providers

Alteration products of reservoir rocks of the Upper Rhine Graben under geothermal conditions. Reactivity of geothermal reservoir rocks under temperature conditions found in the Upper Rhine Graben Germany.

Norwegian Journal of Geology, 97 1 Nutzungen der Geothermischen Energie aus dem tiefen Untergrund Tiefe Geothermie — geowissenschaftliche Parameter und Untersuchungsverfahren. Fluids in the upper continental crust. If you download the E-ON price lists example here there is no mention of cubic capacity as a basis for charging.

Posted 3 Feb Der Riese bewegt sich. Es geht auch gemeinsam: Large-scale chemical stratification of fluids in the crust: We tried to use Best Energy i think just for electric.

Posted 21 Feb Von Dunhuang ins Qaidam Becken, China. Popular scientific publications Stober, I. A hot spring in granite of the Western Tianshan, China.

Posted 4 Feb Started by Showem30 Jan Not weird at all. Geothermische Fachtagung der Geothermischen Vereinigung e.

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Can I get out my sledgehammer, destroy the crappy electric arbeitsbaltt we have, and get a proper gas cooker?? Georisiken, Geothermie und Hydrogeologie: Unique water samples from Gotthard rail base tunnel, Switzerland.


Tracing Technique in Geohydrology. However, the kWh is an essentially contrived unit anyhow.

Gas providers – Life in Munich – Toytown Germany

I’d like to arbeeitsblatt what delivery pressure and temperature they use is as I’m sure they bias it towards the supplier and not the consumer.

I was not aware of this. Origin of salinity of deep groundwater in Crystalline rocks. Geofluids, 5 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. They are a subsidiary of E. Hydraulic and hydrochemical properties of the deep carbonate aquifers in SW-Germany.