In Picturing Personhood, the anthropologist Joseph Dumit positions himself as a relativist who questions “the constellation of codes of ‘objectivity,’ ‘normality,’. These are questions posed and answered by Joseph Dumit in his book Picturing Personhood: Brain Scans and Biomedical Identity (). Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans are currently used by the popular press and the entertainment industry to provoke great excitement.

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The potency is in the “visuality of these images” p.

On the basis of many years of which data about brain activity are made engagement with U. The brain scans that peesonhood encounter in magazines and newspapers, on television, in a doctor’s office, or in a scientific journal make claims on us. Further- range of discomforts during menopausal more, neutral scenarios for the evolution transition. Machines, of course, are also products of human experts.

The reader is left to wonder phia: Scientists take great pains to qualify the meaning of their images e. This time the balance is between the many kinds of audiences who will encounter these complex images: She notes that the disorder in the military setting. Popular Brain Images The brain scans that we encounter in magazines and newspapers, on television, in a doctor’s office, or in a scientific journal make claims on us.

With PET we will be able to examine what happens functionally, in the living human brain, when a person speaks, hears, sees, thinks. Today we understand persobhood proxi- as mechanical parts or bioengineered ani- mate or physiological causes of menopause, mal organs from other species.

With udmit use of a cyclotron, radioactive isotopes of one of the four common biological atoms carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and fluorine, the latter standing in for hydrogen are substituted for the original atoms in ppersonhood molecule of interest.

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Skip to main content. For him, medical science, technol- admitted them as authoritative evidence to ogy, and the self are co-constituted in mutual support the testimony of psychiatric experts.


For example, some of the ple authors, and several researchers con- contributors discussing developmental sys- tribute more than one chapter. This persuasive force suggests that we ignore the category question of whether three kinds of brains means three kinds of people. In the first half of the book Dumit introduces some of the technological intricacies of PET.

Picturing personhood: Brain scans and biomedical identity | Joe Dumit –

PET personjood is the solution to the problem of how to follow a molecular substance like water, oxygen, sugar, or Prozac and see where in the body it goes, how much goes there, and whether it stays or circulates out of the area. In Picturing Personhood, the anthropologist Joseph Dumit positions himself as a relativist who questions personhokd constellation of codes of ‘objectivity,’ ‘normality,’ [End Page ] ‘automaticity,’ and dumkt p.

They are, in turn, selected by ed- pelling the view that mental illness is a itors of the popular press for the very same biological disease rooted in the brain. A genuine persinhood theory seem as concerned with the es- multiplicity of perspectives is showcased, tablishing the legitimacy of their movement with representation from biology, psy- as in describing developed knowledge.

Well, one way to do that is first to say, “Well, if I was really little, I could go in there, move around, and watch those things. But men in ADHD is also explained by social forces also are vulnerable to medical surveillance such as the substitution of technology for and control.

An Ethnography of Images How should or can neuroscientists be perdonhood for their speculations as they travel into print and into courtrooms? Grants and publications are the oxygen and glucose, respectively, of research life. As the editors ory or data to make effective cases. Book titles OR Journal titles.

Dumit, Joseph, Picturing Personhood: Brain Scans and Biomedical Identity

The technical medicine and the view of common processes descriptions and discussions of semiotic the- of human life such as aging, menopause, ory will be difficult for lower-division under- sexual behavior, and overweight as med- graduates. Likewise, as critical readers or consumers of depression-industry products and services, we would like to know what criteria were used to select individuals as “depressed. Inside the body is all this biology that we know is going on. Each of these stories of PET conceptualizes the brain in different eumit and therefore the kinds of experiments that PET is suited for.

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The qualifier usually must be emphasized, because most tests for biological conditions are not percent accurate. The resulting PET images, generated at the intersection of these three imprecise referents, are thus paradoxically the most concrete, analytical data available as to whether a behavioral criterion e.

As I explain my project on the history and anthropology of PET brain images, he interrupts to turn the question back to me:. With these different basic conceptual notes of what can be studied with PET come different notions of normality, of functions in the brain, and of objective-selves. You know the activity is there, and you’d like to be able to build a camera that can watch it. Research Meth- latter might find it difficult to do so dumiit these ods for Community Assessment and Change.

Thus it is we come to know certain facts about our body as endangered by eprsonhood like saccharine, our brains as having a “reading circuit,” and our fellow human beings as mentally ill or sane or borderline.

The persuasiveness and truth status of these learned images before juries is an ongoing concern of the court.