The DSR Integrated Receiver/Decoder from Motorola brings With advanced modulation support, the DSR supports both DVB-S QPSK and. Get Motorola DSR Weather Radio User Manual. Get all Motorola manuals!. View and Download SkyLine DSR user manual online. Satellite Receiver with CAM slot. DSR Receiver pdf manual download.

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This menu allows the user to set up different This menu allows theuser to configure the digital ASI output. Caring for the Environment byCaring for the Environment rsr6000 you see this symbol on a Motorola product,When you see this symbol on with residential ordo not dispose of the product a Motorola product,do not dispose of the product with residential orcommercial waste.

The signal quality is also displayed as a large bar graph inthe Status3 menu.

DSR Commercial Integrated Receiver/Transcoder | ARRIS

No,Factory Defaults, or Power Cycle. Navigating the MenusEven though the keypad options shown on the LCD screen may change for eachmenu and for each field, the control buttons basically do the same thing. This menu is used mostcommonly in troubleshooting.

Dashes are displayed when no information is available or when the ASI input is in use. Page 22 3Installation MenusThe purpose of the installation menus is to configure the ports and choose settingsthat remain fixed over time.


Page 7 Text Lang Menu If desired, the following formulas have been provided to perform calculations for both C-band andKu-band transponders, or if the user is installing for a new satellite.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Tell us about mwnual. The GigE subnet mask is represented in thecommon dotted-decimal format. Press the 56 buttons to scroll to the input that is connected. Press the 56 buttons to display the options.

Motorola DSR-6000 User Manual

Page 27 ID FieldDefault: Press the 56 buttons until theGigE Subnet Mask menu appears. This menuis used most commonly in troubleshooting.

Check audio language selectionPress E to continue orto stopThis warning screen denotes possible conflicts between this menu and the languageselection menus that could mute the audio. BMonitorThe der6000 output format of the video display.

DSR – Commercial Integrated Receiver/Decoder | Product Catalog | SEG

This list of languages was recommended to system operators as the appropriate identifiers amnual audio, The IP Gateway is an address that is represented inthe common dotted-decimal format. This field allows selection of an initial satellite transponder number and can onlybe used if the Xpndr option in the Mode field is selected.


Press the 56 buttonsuntil the Text Lang Text Language menu appears. See IRD menu, Contrastfield. Press the4button until the cursor is atthe Xpndr label.

Reset will interrupt servicePress E to continue orto stopPress any arrow button to back out of the field and leave it unchanged. Press the 56 buttons to view the desired mode. Page 55 Menus FieldDefault: If the signal is 50 or less, it is marginal. This menu allows the user to select This list of languages was recommended to system operators as the appropriate identifiersfor audio, subtitle, and text information.

Contact the programprovider for the correct VCT number to enter for that encoder system.

No picture and no signalLED indication. Refer all servicing to qualified servicepersonnel. Press the4button until the cursor is at It has two fieldsthat allow modification of the output format. Press the 56 buttons until the DefaultGateway menu appears.