What’s the correct way to enable shadowbox for image_gallery? Closed ( won’t. Information missing for “how to get shadowbox to work”. I tried to make a picture gallery with shadowbox and views. For that I created a grid view which works as expected when I am using colorbox or lightbox2.

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Shadowbox is a JavaScript modal media viewer application for viewing images, video, Flash and other content in a modal window. Adobe Flash videot asennuksesta. Longtail jwplayer from http: Prepare all files before upload: Install drupal module, decompress shadowbox library and logntail jwplayer packages.

Drupal Shadowbox Module Released | Drupal Sun

Replace old version of longtail jwplayer included in shadowbox library with new version. Install and Upload Files to your Drupal Site. Enable and Test Shadowbox.

Choosing that formatter for the image field will enable shadowbox for the image. Create a content type with an image field or just add an image field to one of your actual contents types.


Configure the formatters for the fields of your content type. For the image field you choose shadowbox as formatter.

There are various attributes you can configure for the shadowbox formatter. Create a node of that content type and check how the image in that node is opened in a popup box. Enable shadowbox auto handle feature. Create a new node containing your image links.

Publish sjadowbox node and check the result. Go to shadowbox auto handle configuration and enable shadowbox globally. Create a new node Article, Basic page containing all shadowbox links you want.

shadowbox issue in Drupal

Remember to set the text format to full html so your links are not filtered. Create an image gallery. The only thing you would need is a content type with an image field.

Create an custom content type to store the images but you could use anything you want. Articles with images would get the job done too, as the article content type has an shadowboz field. Create a Image content type. Create your Gallery view.


You can test your gallery: Organize images into galleries.

Using shadowbox in Drupal 7

You want to organize your images into galleries instead of having only one gallery. Then we use that node reference field to filter our gallery. Create a Gallery content type adding a thumbnail field. Edit your Image content type adding a node reference field so we can associate each zhadowbox with a gallery.

Edit your images to assign them to a gallery. Create your galleries view. Edit your gallery view so we can filter the images by gallery. Edit the menu entry to link to our newly created galleries view.