Dornbusch Model M-F Model: with fixed prices policy conclusions are valid only in short run, . Price level is sticky: AS is horizontal in SR (impact phase). Dornbusch model dr hab. o Long-run features of the flexible price model (e.g. economy is at Short-run sticky prices are represented by a Phillips curve type. Dornbusch’s influential Overshooting Model aims to explain why floating The assumption of long-run PPP is made because prices are ‘sticky’ in the short run.

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Dornbusch inspired fresh thinking and brought in fresh faces into the field.

Aggregate demand is determined by the standard open economy IS-LM mechanism That is to say, the orice of the Investment Saving IS curve is determined by the dormbusch of injections into the flow of income and by the competitiveness of Home country output measured by the real exchange rate.

As one can see, the model does seem to say something about major turning points, though we will not press to see if moel robustly passes regression tests. The proceeds are to be published in the February Journal of International Economics.

This point was first stated in such radical form by Meese and Rogoffand it very much still stands today. Since output y is assumed fixed in the short run, the only way that the demand for real balances can go up is if the interest rate i on domestic currency bonds falls.

But the true strength of the model lies in that it highlights how, in today’s modern economies, one needs to think about the interaction of sluggishly adjusting goods markets and hyperactive asset markets. But if it is not at this intersection, then it must lie on the pricr marked by arrows, as any other starting point will lead down a path in which the exchange rate either explodes or collapses, even if the money supply remains constant.


In recent dornubsch, both Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan June and Bank of France President Jean-Claude Trichet May have discussed overshooting in speeches, and one can find countless more references by other world financial leaders, not least in developing countries.

Ceteris paribusduring a period where a country is a large net importer of tradables, traded goods will be relatively abundant and the internal price dornbudch nontradables will be high.

The final element of Dornbusch’s model is the price adjustment equation. Your university has made a lot of changes.

Focusing on real interest rates turns out to finesse this problem. Jo Anna GrayStanley Fischerand Ned Phelps and John Taylor were all working on closed economy sticky-price rational expectations models at around the same time.

Substituting that into [6] shows: To his surprise, only one article was listed on more than half of the reading lists, and this particular article was listed on every single one. Even towards the end of the nineties, Dornbusch was still getting over 25 citations per year.

Overshooting model

Dornbusch’s brilliant answer is that the initial depreciation of the exchange rate must, on impact, be larger than the long-run depreciation. At the same time, however, they can be viewed as direct descendants. The first serious attempt is Brock, I stickh, however, that a closer look at the data would support the view that the wealth channel was quite important in these instances. This demonstrated the overshooting and subsequent readjustment.

Of course, today, the pendulum has swung back entirely, and there is a broad consensus across schools of thought that some form of price rigidity is absolutely necessary to explain real-world data, in either closed or open economies. I have already mentioned that overshooting does not have to happen in this model, depending on the parameters. Lrice it is possible, in principle, to integrate the two kinds of overshooting in a unified model, along the line of Obstfeld and Rogoff Rudi has what can only be described as a confrontational style of teaching, challenging his class with a mix of incredibly difficult questions.


Life at MIT in Dornbusch’s International Finance Course Before proceeding to more analytic material, it is perhaps helpful to say a bit about how this author first learned the Dornbusch model.

All the graphs were labeled that day and he seemed to have organized notes, not that he drew on them much.

Overshooting model – Wikipedia

Paul Samuelson once remarked that there are very few ideas in economics that are both a true and bnot obvious. At the time Rudi was working on his paper, the moxel of sticky prices was under severe attack.

In Dornbusch’s main formulation, he assumed that output y is exogenous, so that if aggregate demand exceeds supply, the only impact will be on price adjustment.

When this overshoot takes place, it begins dornusch move back to the new long run equilibrium S1. The excitement in the room was palpable, as the logic behind overshooting unfolded.

One has to realize that at the time Dornbusch was writing, the world had just made the transition from fixed to flexible exchange rates, and no one really understood what was going on. Dornbusch, Fischer and Samuelson had 90 citations over the periodonly one tenth as many as Dornbusch Another piece of evidence comes from looking at the co-movements of forward and spot exchange dticky, as Robert Flood highlighted in his Carnegie-Rochester paper.