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The research questions we had in mind when administering the dimensions described above were the following: Current trends of postmodernism in education From the available literature, I managed to synthesize the most extended postmodern trends in the context of globalization which I deem viable for the future of the field called the sciences of education: I refer here to a change, in an anthropological sense of the word, both at the objective level of globalization as well as at the subjective one of Occidental intellectual discourses and options for postmodernism.

Developing these skills offers them the change to be prepared for real life situations. It has long been argued that intercultural communication is essentially different from general communication, i.

The enforcement of the decision is the stage where the plan set is applied exactly. From this point of view, e-learning promises much, especially for students with mental or physical disabilities.

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Neben dem faulen Apfel verdirbt auch der gute. Legal compliance – Regulations on didactca is growing. A skill-based training model in the case of relationship counseling. Although ODL exists for decades, has not yet reached the critical point where the change of culture, economic conditions and the theoretical position would decisively influence a major change in education and training.

Distance learning is only a means among others possible salavastri can be used to achieve educational outcomes. In the classroom the teacher and students take on roles similar to that of the parent and child respectively. Though some say it is only really appropriate for beginners, it has, nonetheless, become a common tool in the language classroom, especially useful with lower levels and younger learners.

Interaction occurs only when the messages and assumptions of intention transmitter are clarified. Therefore, systematically implementing an algorithm of needs assessment, we will be able to proof the validity, usefulness, and confidence in the decision. The Politics of Postmodernism, Bucharest: This doorina of information sent to salavasgru in the acquisition of knowledge has led us to review the option of lesson plans.


Results were better for most students, regardless of the grade. Here are two specific issues: Given pdihologiei fact that in present our educational system fowards learning skills centered education, it is essential that students understand the conveyed knowledge. The Illusions of Entrepreneurship. Gardner says that our schools function according to linguistic and logical-mathematic intelligence.

Certainly, it would desirable that what is designed to be fulfilled as well, but this would mean to neglect a major influencing factor in the understanding: The average of the salavawtru in what concerns salavzstru formation of the graphic- motor organizational skills and visual- spatial skills Rey test – copy increased from 32,50 to 44,64 ; the ability to express ideas in writing image composition increased, the average reaching 48,10 in the partial post-test.

Nevertheless, the slightly higher percentage of masculine values is likely to indicate a rising trend psihloogiei the future. The identification of needs requires both information obtained in the first step and collected information on actual performance and results of the organization. We can therefore say that in the case of students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the psycho-pedagogical intervention program was effective and that it should integrate contents and experiences from the field of factors impacting on attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders.

They psiohlogiei independent personalities, like to work alone and plan carefully their work. The goal of the study is to harness the experience the students have gained over the course of their internships salavasttu their three years of college, which lays the foundations of their professional careers. Two German authors specialised in the European facets of the phenomena argued as follows: Specific activities for the development of visual — spatialintelligence are: Larson tried to select relevant definitions and obtained formulations.

The interest perceived will cause the teacher make further efforts to clarify the content.

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The vital importance of communication for educationis unanimously accepted. Formulating specific requirements as to facilitate the listing of alternatives and selection of the “best” solution, which should include the requirements of time, cost, resources available and needed results.


This is one consideration which led to a plethora of definitions of universal and all- embracing concept of communication. Barriers and the Organization’s Capabilities psiohlogiei Distance Education.

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Intrapersonal intelligence is important in individual study and homework. Entrepreneurship, economic growth and public policy. A thorough needs assessment process can provide certainty that a distance education program will meet these goals and therefore the organization’s mission. The decision to develop a program of open and distance learning is often taken at an educational organization as a result of “pressure” felt in the market or as a result of didacitca estimates showing that this form of education has a lower cost than traditional ones.

Compared to their peers who do not salavastrh such disorders, students with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder have difficulties in forming the organizing, planning and time management skills. Hence, a salavzstru of difficulties in reproducing what has been read and in reporting to some references with collateral ramifications to the basic idea.

salavastru psihologia educatiei pdf free

Therefore, teachers should use activities do help all students improve their knowledge and give them the change to use their intelligence in a proper manner. Generally, stress originates in a variety of factors that can be economic and financial job loss, unemployment, financial precariousness and instability that could entail the inability to pay bills, loan installments and high quality medical treatment, etc.

A third aspect of quality standards do not cover either teaching or learning – it is centered on the services providedfor students. The Extensions of Man, Bucharest: Many pupils labelled with ADD attention deficit disorder are actually pupils with predominant intelligence in other areas than linguistic and logical-mathematic.