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DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering Standards. DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Title (German). Rührer und Stromstörer für Rührbehälter;.

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The pH of 7. Your shopping cart is empty. The shape of an agitator blade may be rectangular, with the edges and corners rounded.

The fermentation system is charged with 10 l of deionized water after installation of the gas-introduction and 228131 element under test. The dissolved oxygen concentration increases to the saturation concentration of approximately 6. Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels – Types, terms and main dimensions; Corr. The standard disc agitator consists of six fixed perpendicular discs symmetrically attached cin a horizontally arranged disc DIN 28 An agitator according to claim 1, wherein said blade mount further comprises means for fixing the agitator to the agitator shaft.

NS The number of pages: Stirred-tank reactors and method of use.

Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions

Subscribe on standards – Read more. High efficiency mixer impeller. Agitators in bioreactors are essentially used to equalize temperature differences and differences of concentrations of various constituents. Each agitator blade has a plurality of segments, including an upper segment relative to the axis of rotation and a lower segment relative to the axis of rotation. 21831


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The drive unit consists of a bench construction having a suspended electric drive motor. PDF – Immediate download – It is preferred that the angles of attack of the segments of an agitator blade be the same as the angles of attack for the segments of each additional agitator blade, although, as previously mentioned, the angle of attack of one segment of an agitator blade may be different than the angle of attack of a different segment of the same agitator blade.

Do you want to make sure you use only the valid technical standards? These corrections apply to this standard: SS-EN Expression of performance of fluorometric oxygen analyzers in don media. To form the supply unit, all apparatus, connections and fittings which are required for providing and removing steam, cooling water, wastewater, compressed air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and correcting agents are combined.

Agitator – Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

This experiment was performed analogous to the Example 1, but with a stirred-tank fermenter with a working volume of l. For measuring pressure, a pressure paste electrode was used. Audio and video engineering Aircraft and space vehicle engineering This website uses cookie files.


The pH and temperature were measured in the fermentation system by probes installed in the probe ring. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

As a result, the disc agitators are no longer able to disperse the exiting gas completely. The oxygen transport coefficient k L a is determined according to the following formula:. To produce the culture medium, the individual constituents are supplemented in heated purified water type 2 in a sterile vessel. The segments of the agitator blades are arranged radially to the axis of rotation 2 and inclined at an angle of attack in the direction of rotation relative to the axis of rotation 2.

Domestic and commercial equipment. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Depending on the size of the bioreactor, the agitator blades 1 can be arranged in a plurality of planes above and below one another. What is a standard? We can offer you a solution which will provide you a monthly overview concerning the updating of standards which you use. Sustainable Development Goals and standardisation, how do they connect?