Diary of a Madman and Other Stories has ratings and 78 reviews. Petra Eggs said: I listened to the title story, rather than read the book (which mi. When I first began to read Lu Xun’s Diary of a Madman, I read it in a very literal way and was a little bit confused. At first I asked myself. In this lesson, we will analyze and interpret the short story ‘Diary of a Madman’ by Lu Xun. This story contains the diary of a man who descends.

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Both the old man and my brother s pale, awed by my courage and integrity. I do not think I will return to his stories and I may miss a lot, but there it is. The Chinese countryside, the play of the young boys, are all wonderfully evoked. Lu Xun Hope is a path on the mountainside.

The first work I’ve read of Lu Xun, who became my favorite contemporary Chinese author when I learnt to appreciate his irony and incisiveness. Aug 27, Marilyn rated it it was amazing.

Cannibalism is primarily a symbolic theme in the story but has some grounding in historical practices the desperation of the Chinese people during the famines of the early ‘s is believed to have led to cases of actual cannibalism.

In future when I was eaten, not only would there be no trouble, but people would probably be grateful to them. A heart-rending tale of a widow who is married off by her mother-in-law. The most extraordinary thing was that woman on the street yesterday who spanked her son and said, “Little devil!

What do people do to each other that makes them into cannibals? The Chao family dog has started barking again. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Two brothers, whose names I need not mention here, were both good friends of mine in high school; but after a separation of many years we gradually lost touch. His work was inspired by his familiarity with foreign languages and literature – the story was inspired by the work of the same name by Gogol whose “Dead Souls” he translated. I hate Marxists and commies, but Lu Hsun I think was against them. May 13, at 1: Paranoia would probably be the diagnostic.


In Section 3, what is the name of the village suffering from famine? In other w, he hopes that the future will learn to stand up against oppression and gain the bravery and courage to speak their minds. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Why is daylight, when there is no moon, depressing to the madman? What does he find there? Chao can have against me, what grudge the people on the road can have against me. I know their way; they are not willing to kill anyone outright, nor do they dare, for fear of the consequences. It becomes more apparent in Diary four diaty the narrator is suffering from a mental-like illness maybe schizophreniawhen the doctor comes to check on the narrator. What they like best is for a man to take off his belt, and hang himself from a beam; for then they can enjoy their heart’s desire without being dizry for murder.

Diary of a Madman, Lu Xun

I realized that there is a deeper meaning than the literal translation of these diaries. It is possible that I ate several pieces of my sister’s flesh unwittingly, and now it is my turn. What may have happened to the madman?

What is the significance of the concern with the death of the madman’s younger sister? He decided that it was more important to “heal minds” than bodies, and became a writer.

How does the madman see other people?

Then I realized part of their cunning. As for the title, it was chosen by the diarist himself after his recovery, and I did not change it. Otherwise why should that dog at the Chao house have looked at me twice? It was a gory story with a vivid description of self-preservation and survival methods one must use. Vanaf steunde Lu Xun de Chinese Communistische Partij soms, hoewel hij er nooit lid van is geworden.


Open Preview See a Problem? I can think of madmna except that twenty years ago I trod on Mr. Chao and his dog, all craning their necks to peer in. His expression changed, and he grew ghastly pale.

To that, there is a quote by Mao in the Intro madmman how great the author is, so you get some idea that the writing is viewed as an important part of cultural development in a Communist society.

Diary of a Madman by Lu Xun

In Lu wrote the first short story published in his name, Diary of a Madman, for the magazine New Youth. Last year they executed a criminal in the city, and a consumptive soaked a piece of bread in his blood and sucked it. The most well-known is the story that gives the collection its name, “Diary of a Madman”, where Lu Xun uses the madman’s paranoiac fear of cannibalism as a metaphor for the way Chinese society ate up its people. The stories in this edition s as follows: What does Elder Brother fail to do in Section 10 that upsets the madman?

A woman seeks proper restitution from her husband’s family after being divorced by her husband.

Diary of a Madman and Other Stories

The main character is, well…crazy. How do the moon and the madman’s perceptions of others as having “smiling green faces with protruding fangs” contribute to those effects? In The Road, the entire land is burned in the post-apocalyptic America. Actually it is a litter bit difficult to get the idea from this version of translation, or if you have no awareness of the Chinese contemporary history.

What does he claim is hiding under those words? Lu’s stories often focus on how conservative thinking and religious observation of tradition dulls the sense of judgement, crushing the weak, different, and out-of-sync. The story was often referred to as “China’s first modern short story”.