Desmond Bagley was born in , in Kendal, a rural town in England’s scenic Lake District. He left school aged fourteen and worked for a number of years in. Action thriller by the classic adventure writer set in assignment begins with a simple errand – a parcel to deliver. But to Alan Stewart, stand. Running Blind by Desmond Bagley. Annabel /. Reviewed by Annabel. I’m delighted that the vogue for republishing the best thrillers from the.

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Paperbackpages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Triggered by an audio adaption of Landslide I fell upon, I decided to revisit Desmond Bagley to see if the Novels could withstand the wear of more than 35 years.

Running Blind by Desmond Bagley (1970)

Notify me of desmod posts by email. My literary sweet tooth is cheesy formula thriller writers from the dewmond and 70s: It soon becomes apparent that not only his position is compromised, but so is the safety of Elin, the girl he loves. The first pleasant surprise was that even though I thought I had read all the books, not all were translated to Danish at that time, so I could start out with a couple of new experiences.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The fact that it’s almost fi One of the mainstream reviews quoted on the back cover used the terms “literate and informed”, and I find that I find these two adjectives to be very appropriate. The best-known and most successful of these writers was Alistair MacLean.

Rrunning trip to Iceland, Reyjavik!!

Not that it’s so dated that desmnod loses much of its entertainment factor. Like a more action packed 39 Steps set in Iceland. Bagley is right up there with my favorite mystery authors even though he isn’t as prolific as some.


Has he been set up? Bagley knows how to craft a well-paced adventure story with lots of suspense, and it was interesting to see how Alan and Elin would get out of one death-defying situation after another.

Running Blind / Freedom Trap

The two of them become embroiled in a cross-country race for their lives with a fairly violent denouement in store, made all the more difficult because Stewart no longer knows whom he baglye trust.

He published a total of sixteen thrillers, all craftsmanlike and nearly all best-sellers. Face-to-face at last with his opponents, Stannard must try to outwit both men – who have nothing to lose and everything to gain by his death.

What’s in the package that’s so important?

A unique annotated map of Iceland, sent by Desmond Bagley to his editor in Marchhas recently been discovered in the archives runninng HarperCollins Publishers. Running Blind is a first person narrative espionage thriller novel by English author Desmond Bagleyfirst published in with a cover by Norman Weaver. I appreciated the writing, but the story is just not my cuppa.

Vintage Pop Fictions: Desmond Bagley’s Running Blind

However, things go pear-shaped from the outset. Trivia About Running Blind. Posted by Simon on September 23, https: The Brits pick up Alan to do the “losing” of the device but doesn’t let him in on it.

Now he returns to the small town in British Columbia where it happened to uncover long-buried crimes and contemporary skulduggery. It’s supposed to be an easy hand-off in Iceland, no problem at all for Stewart who speaks blond language bagleg a native and who has the cover of a girlfriend in the country and regular fishing trips to Iceland to mask his real purpose.

American scientist came up with a useless device but then decided to trick the Russians into thinking it was something major. What is in that package? Coerced would be more accurate. Alan Stewart has collected a package at Keflavik airport in Iceland from a man called Slade.


The contents of the package are a surprise for the reader as desmomd as runnint Stewart in a finale of formidable energy. When his boss says it will take a couple of hours, Alan says that the answer is just a button press away: That was my first bitter thought. Retrieved from ” https: It begins with a murder — committed in self-defence I should add:. All he had to ruunning was to deliver a parcel to a man in Iceland.

They settled in Totnes, Devon from —, then lived in Guernsey in the Channel Islands from They leaked info to Russia so that the Russians, in turn, would steal it and generally be super worried and research something that doesn’t actually exist.

A Guernsey memory of Desmond Bagley and his arbalest crossbow, a weapon mentioned in his novel High Citadel.

The Bagley Brief – A website about the craftsmanlike thriller novelist Desmond Bagley

Running Blind Another reread and another favorite, maybe his best novel, the story is strong, the setting in Iceland is brilliant and characters, simple as they are, are believable. Also during this period, he met local runing owner Joan Margaret Brown and they were married in Retrieved 4 December The desolate terrain is obstacle enough, but when Stewart realizes he has been double-crossed and that the opposition is gaining ground, his simple mission seems impossible.

Alastair MacLean’s alcoholism lets down all but his first books, and it takes fewer novels to bore me every time I dive back into Dick Francis.