Posts relacionados. Quino • Sí cariño. Quino • Historias De Quino. Jazz in Comics! Quino • Sí cariño. Quino • Ni arte ni parte. Dejenme inventar / Let Me Invent by Quino, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Quino» Quino # – Déjenme Inventar released by Lumen on January 1, Creators. Quino (Joaquín Salvador Lavado) artist, writer. none. none of.

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In the Mafalda series, Quino reflected the world of adults as seen through the eyes of a group of children. The last book is a reflection of current fears, through his last publications in the media, plus some unreleased publications and some of his few drawings in colour.

After he stopped drawing Mafalda, Quino devoted himself to a more caustic, black humour targeted more towards an adult audience, which he has brought together in his collection of comic books.

Oviedo, 21 st May She dreams of a world that is more dignified, just and respectful of human rights. inentar

Following the military coup in Argentina, Quino was exiled in Milan. Loves the dejemme, democracy, the rights of children, peace changing the order of the loves things do not change.

Libertad Name Libertad [as in Freedom, with a capital F] Age not too old, but older than she looks Sex female, like the Statue of Liberty, innocent like freedom Loves culture, revolution, standing up for one’s rights Hates complicated people.


Manolito Name Manuel, aka Manolito [Manny] Age 6 years old in Sex male and mercantile Loves the cash register, bank vans, balance sheets, Rockefeller Quibo non accounting books, The Beatles, hippies, discounts and Susanita First appeared 25 th March First appeared Dad on 29 th SeptemberMum on 6 th October However, interest in Mafalda has continued right up to the present day, with re-editions of her books which have been adapted to the new technologies and are now available in e-book format.

The first Mafalda comic strip was published on 29th September in the Argentine capital in the weekly magazine Primera Plana. He published his first page in and then went on to publish his cartoons, drawings and comic strips in demenme and magazines in America and Uqino.

Dejenme Inventar (English, Spanish, Paperback)

Guille Name Guillermo [William], Guille [Willy] to make it easier for those who call him Age born inwhich is not just any year Sex male, which rhymes with tail Loves drawing on walls, dummy on the rocks, but especially Brigitte Bardot Hates he is still little, but sooner or later he will hate something First appeared 2 nd June Name Guillermo [William], Guille [Willy] to make it easier for those who call him.

Hate the cost of living, the end of the month, cooking something other than soup her. He abandoned his studies indetermined to devote himself to comics and humour. His characters transcend all geographical settings, ages and social conditions. The leading character was an inquisitive, intelligent, ironic, non-conformist girl, concerned with peace and human rights, who hates soup and loves the Beatles.


First appeared 15 th February Miguelito Name Miguel [Michael], but preferably Miguelito [Micky] Age 5 years old in Sex male and selfish Loves Miguelito, Miguelito, Miguelito, jazz and abstract, useless speeches Hates not being noticed, being his age First appeared summer The stories of this rebellious character, who reached Europe in thanks to Prince of Asturias Laureate Umberto Eco, who defined her as an “angry heroine”, have been translated into fifteen languages and published in newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Formats and Editions of Déjenme inventar []

Inhe adopted Spanish nationality and has also resided alternately between Madrid and Buenos Aires. This character was created for a failed advertising campaign, shortly after he published his first invenfar, Mundo Quino [The World of Quino] Acknowledged as one of the leading cartoonists worldwide, Quino rose to fame with his Mafalda comic strips. Quino stopped drawing her in