Read “Supernova: Petir” by Dee online on Bookmate –. Supernova has ratings and reviews. buthowto said: It’s a funny new way of writing from Dee. That’s what I like about this book but really like. Supernova has ratings and reviews. Vidi said: Ada satu percakapan yang sangat menarik dalam buku ini antara Bodhi dan Epona.> What do you do.. .

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All of her sisters also work in the creative industry. Her oldest sister, Key Mangunsong, is a director and a screenplay writer. Her older sister, Imelda Rosalin, is a jazz pianist and singer. InDee was married to singer Marcell Siahaan. Indef had a son, Keenan Avalokita Kirana. The couple was divorced after five years of marriage. SinceDee got married to Reza Gunawan, a holistic health practitioner based in Jakarta, and inthey gave a de to a daughter named Atisha Prajna Tiara.

E ver since elementary school, Dee was always active in singing, either in a vocal group, choir, or school band.

Together with Sita Nursanti, who later formed a group with her, Dee spent a few years working as a professional backup singer. The third singer, Rida Farida, was invited after being recommended by singer Andre Hehanussa. They decided to use the combination of their first names: Antara Kita was released infollowed by their second album Bertiga Three of Us in Later, the trio joined Sony Music Indonesia.

Equipped with classical piano and electone skills she learned when she was young, Dee explored her passion in songwriting. She had started writing songs since petid was nine years old, but only after she joined Rida Sita Dewi, Dee became a professional songwriter.

It was later performed by Dee herself in her Rectoverso music album, and also by singer Raisa for Rectoverso movie soundtrack. InDee released her first solo album, fully in English.

It was titled Out of Shell with its first single Simply. Inas a half part of her hybrid literature-music project, Dee released her second album: Petirr came back to the def scene when her book, Perahu Kertas Paper Boatwas adapted into a movie.

Throughout her music career, Dee also collaborated as a lyricist for other songwriters such as Adjie Soetama, Kahitna, Yovie Widianto, and Noah.

Dee – Supernova Series Repackage (2013)

perir InDee wrote another hit single Kali Kedua for singer Raisa. Onfifth grade, little Dee imagined one day she would go to a bookstore and saw her published book displayed on the shelves. Not long after, she bought a notebook, and wrote in it up until the last page. At that time, for her it was the closest experience of being an author.


Supernova: Akar

During her teenage years, Dee started to write few young adult short fictions, sent it over to magazines for publications and got many rejections. She tried to enter writing competitions with no better luck. She felt frustrated, thinking she ree never fulfill the mainstream requirements.

She ended up writing short fictions that were too long, and peyir that were too short. She decided to keep all her work to herself. Showing them only to friends and family.

Writing then became her rather hidden passion. Out of her money savings that she made from singing, Dee bought her first laptop. However, inDee was moved to enter a writing competition. Mode published the story and received raving responses from the readers. Only inDee eee to wrote a manuscript she believed would turn to her real, first book. She was unsure her manuscript would interest the big publishers, so Dee self-published her first book on her 25th birthday as peti birthday gift to herself.

She never imagined it would be a best-seller. For her, it was only to fufill her pwtir dream. In JanuarySupernova broke xee record of the fastest selling book at the time. Seven thousand copies were sold in merely fourteen days.

Ever since her first publication, her popularity as a writer gradually grew. The second installment of Supernova, Akar The Rootwas released inmeanwhile her activity as a singer began to reduce significantly. Dee resigned herself from the vocal trio Rida Sita Dewi in Dee continued her writing journey. After that, Dee published her first anthology, Filosofi Kopi The Coffee Ph ilosophya collection of her short stories written in the span of ten years The book also made into Top 5 Khatulistiwa Literary Award in the same year.

Young adult fiction has always been one of her favorites. Initially, the story was introduced as petirr first digital novel in Indonesia, provided by one of the biggest cellular services in the country. Petjr was a success. Perahu Kertas managed to draw ten thousands of subscribers who read the story from their mobile phones. The printed version was released a year later by Bentang Pustaka.


Up to now, Perahu Kertas is one of her top best-selling titles. Dee resurrected her musical talents again when her next book, Rectoversowas published in This experimental project became the first literature-music hybrid work in Indonesia. As a whole, Rectoverso was a multidimensional experience, combining audio through the orchestral music arrangements, visual through dew illustrations, and of course, literature.

After nearly eight years break, Supernova series was back in with its fourth installment: The launch became the talk of the nation.

Partikel received many good reviews from critics and ede. Now, all her works are under one publishing company, Bentang Pustaka. The sixth Supernova book took the market by the storm. Ten thousand copies was sold by pre-order even before the book hits the bookshelves. F rom all of her published books, Dee had always envisioned Perahu Kertas Paper Boat was the ideal story to be made into a movie, and this dream came true.

The movie offer came along with the book contract. Three years after the book was published, Perahu Kertas movie was finally released. Produced by Bentang Pictures and Starvision, Dee joined the team and wrote the screenplay herself.

Later, the producers appointed Hanung Bramantyo petiir direct. With various considerations, the producers decided to split it into two movies. Perahu Kertas and Perahu Kertas 2. The sequel was released only four months after the first one.

Supernova:+Petir | ORDERS: Secondary Library General | Pinterest | Books, Reading and My books

Perahu Kertas reached its box office in Five female directors made an omnibus movie based on five short stories from Rectoverso. The editor, Cesa D.

Bastian, actress Laura Basuki, and a veteran actor Didi Petet as the supporting male role. It had fooled many people who walked into the bakery, not realizing it was only a movie setting. In DecemberSoraya Intercine will release Supernova: Knight, Princess, and the Falling Star Dee: Akar — Truedee Books, Supernova: Rectoverso — Goodfaith Production, Rectoverso, anthology Dee: Partikel — Bentang Pustaka, Supernova: Gelombang — Bentang Pustaka, Supernova: The Intelligence of Pwtir Dew.

The Intelligence of the Morning Dew Supernova: