na Administração Pública: Uma Análise Bibliométrica a Partir do Decreto Lei / An AnalysisBibliometric the Breaking of Decree Law 5,/ Decreto-Lei /98 – Estabelece normas, critérios e objectivos de qualidade com a finalidade de proteger o meio aquático e melhorar a. Decreto Nº Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Mapa Mental Resumo Licitacoes. Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Questões Decretos e

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Currently, STN is in the process of designing a system that supports people management and, in addition, is able to supplement the proposed evaluation 5770.

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With the exception of the STN, which already demonstrates advances towards a greater unification of its practices, the universities presented a focused action, especially in the processes of qualification, as described in Decree No. The prognostic value of histological tumor necrosis in solid organ malignant disease: However, attributes of collective competencies were reported by respondents, especially common referential and shared language, as shown in Table 1.

The competency-based management model is a practice that aims to increase the overall performance of the corporation, whether public or private, by increasing the individual performance of its employees. Received Feb 3; Accepted Jul 9. The third would be related to the sociology of education and work, with emphasis on psychosocial aspects and effects on educational and qualification programs.

Hypoxia Up-Regulates Galectin-3 in Mammary Tumor Progression and Metastasis

Thus, in the public administration, a transition from the conceptions of what generates the strategic differential is perceived, considering the intellectual capital of the organization as a true ally in the process of generating lri effectiveness Bergue, Dual activities of galectin-3 in human prostate cancer: MUC1 is a well-accepted marker of mammary dedreto cells. Galectin-3 and GLUT-1 were overexpressed in viable tumor cells surrounding necrosis.

And although theoretically this aspect seems clear to the interviewees, the organizations also decreo to adapt themselves to the legal requirements imposed by the government, for they skip stages considered essential to the composition of the adopted model. The perspective that is gaining momentum in the current discussions about competencies is that of collective competencies.

Overexpressed galectin-3 in pancreatic cancer induces cell proliferation and invasion by binding Ras and activating Ras signaling.

In the Federal Public Administration, such discussion has acquired significant contours since the publication of Decree No.

Data Availability All relevant data are available in the manuscript and its Supporting Information files. These results reinforce the difficulties faced by the Brazilian public administration due to the coexistence of the traditional bureaucratic model with premises defended by the managerial model of public administration.


However, although protein expression of galectin-3 was increased as early as after 6 hours of hypoxia, such was not evident at the mRNA level before 24 hours of treatment, pointing out a complex expression regulation, both at transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels.

However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. S2 Fig Secreted galectin-3 expression. This abstract may be abridged.

S3 Fig Galectin-3 expression upon proteasome inhibition. To evaluate the existence of such hypoxic areas and whether this would also influence galectin-3 expression in vivowe inoculated the CMT-U27 cell line into the mammary fat pad of female nude mice and allowed the tumors to grow eli they reached approximately mm 3. The concept of collective competency is comprehensive; it brings together different cognitive and social cooperative phenomena, which would help the capacity to act and react collectively.

Primary tumors and metastases were collected at different times after inoculation. Team dynamics and results, collective learning, sharing of knowledge and experience, and cooperation decrwto hampered by the administrative discontinuities and their previously mentioned effects. Cytoplasmic galectin-3 localization is increased under hypoxic conditions Galectin-3 actions rely on its subcellular location and on the phenotype of the cell itself, ranging from a pro-apoptotic function effect when present in the nucleus, to an anti-apoptotic one when in the cytoplasm [ 37 ].

Considering that the phenomenon under study is associated with a specific combination of factors and directly related to the context for its development, the attempt was to identify situational characteristics concerning the organizational realities under study, in order to contribute to the vastness of data and subsequent comparison.

Focusing on people management in the Brazilian administration, Schikmann states that substantive transformations in public administration would not be feasible if historical aspects were to be left aside. Association between tumor hypoxia and malignant progression in advanced cancer of the uterine cervix. Dwcreto level of 18S RNA in each sample was measured and used for normalization of target gene abundance.

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The present study points to an important role of hypoxia in the later. The political occupation of management lel creates conflicts and demotivation among team members and their managers, hindering the culture of trust that the production and the sharing of knowledge demand.

Representatives of people management areas of these institutions were interviewed. Each spot corresponds to a single mRNA molecule. Interestingly, hypoxia also leads to a shift in galectin-3 subcellular localization, and its effects are precluded by detoxification. Galectin-3 expression was also increased in protein extracts of hypoxic CMT-U27 cells after 12 hours but not after 24 hours of 0. Formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue samples were deparaffinised in xylene and rehydrated in a dscreto of alcohols.

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Results Galectin-3 is up-regulated in CMT-U27 cells exposed to hypoxic conditions Up-regulation of galectin-3 under hypoxia has been described in a non-neoplastic context [ 20 ]. MUC1 enhances hypoxia-driven angiogenesis through the regulation of multiple proangiogenic factors. Michaux states that the concepts of individual, collective and organizational competency are related to different theoretical views, but that the combination of these concepts would allow for the discussion of the existence of a collective capacity within organizations that could help coordination, collective solution of problems, and integration of knowledge lfi practical knowledge that would be linked to collective performance.

Further studies are thus warranted to ascertain whether MUC1-dependent galectin-3 regulation, previously described by our group in CMT [ 7 ], is also dependent on a micro-RNA and whether this is related fecreto hypoxia. Immunocytochemical analysis for differential diagnosis of thyroid lesions using liquid-based cytology.

With regard to the proposal of this study, which is meant to observe how management leei identify, consider and articulate with organizational and collective competencies, it was not possible to establish a direct relationship between these parts due to the fact that organizational competencies do not present an inherent lie trait, and the collective competencies are not actively managed, as it is possible to assume from the data obtained. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract.

That way, the new policy of people training and development pei hold this strategic vision when promoting competency–based management as necessary to the public administration. Based on these results, we propose a 57077 to reconcile the overexpression of galectin-3 in necrosis surrounding areas of canine mammary cancer lesions and suggest that this might be a critical player in metastasis.

Given that, the managers of the area were the respondents of the research questions. High hypoxic staining and virtually no CD31 staining, showing endotelial cells, further confirmed low oxygen tension in necrosis-surrounding areas.

It is now understood that anti-angiogenic therapy induces hypoxia and that hypoxia-dependent pathways lead to decreased cell death [ 66 ].