in formato zip kb; documento PDF Verbali e relazione finale kb; documento PDF DR / Approvazione atti (pubbl. ) kb. MICHAEL SILANGGA CARIAN, SIAHA MARIE DECRETO CARIASO, ANNA MAE JOSE CARLO EDUARDO LACSON JOSEPH TENORIO JOY CELLE SALTA. San Luis Santiago – Mendoza San Juan Rioja Catamarca Tucuman Salta. 10, 6, 8, 4, , 68, 56, 37, 14, 7, la provincia de Santa Fe en Departamentos y Distritos segun decreto de 12 de.

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Consumption by economic sector. Such factors include, but are not limited to:. Congress may override a presidential veto by a two-thirds majority vote in each chamber.

Includes research and development and cultivated biological resources. Electricity in Argentina is primarily produced from combined cycle which uses both gas and steam turbines to produce electricity and hydroelectric sources, with supplemental generation from gas, coal and nuclear plants. In the first nine months ofthe capital and financial account registered a surplus of U.

Full text of “Argentine Republic”

In response to the deterioration of the Argentine economy and financial system inthe inability of the Republic to service its public external indebtedness and the decreased level of deposits in the financial system, the Government issued Decree No. Following several unsuccessful efforts to stabilize the economy and end hyperinflation, the Menem administration adopted an economic program that sought to liberalize the economy and impose monetary discipline.


This projected fiscal deficit represents an increase from the previously projected 3. The Convertibility Regime, however, had significant shortcomings, including the following:. During this period, the Argentine economy continued to grow at substandard levels.

Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

Saalta is understood that this provision will not be construed so as to require the Republic to make payments under any series of the New Bonds ratably with payments being made under any other public external indebtedness. Bonds issued by the Provincial Development Fund to restructure debt obligations of the provinces.

Although economic activity began to recover during the fourth quarter of due, in large part, to growth in industrial activity, public finances continued to weaken.

This increase in wages was implemented in three phases: Rule A GU8. By accepting the offer and tendering your Bonds, you will represent to the Republic and to the agent, to the extent applicable, and acknowledge, as applicable, that, among other things: Bonds that the Government began issuing in to restructure its obligations to pensioners and suppliers and to settle reparations of members of family of victims of the military dictatorship.

Foreign currency-denominated debt represented Over-reliance on certain economic sectors. Table of Contents Law No. Mining and extractives including petroleum and gas. Table of Contents financing failed to prevent an economic slowdown and a decrease in tax revenue growth.


The electricity, gas and water sector represents a small fraction of the Argentine economy, accounting for 1. Between andthe services sector grew by 3. Mutual Funds and the Salat. Tax-secured loans that the Government exchanged for previously outstanding Government bonds aalta part of a voluntary debt offers that took place in As compared tothe primary production sector increased by 6.

Therefore, undue reliance should szlta be placed on such statements. The Ministry of Energy and Mining indicated that it would award new projects if, among other conditions, the price was walta the U. The Central Bank has increased sterilization efforts to reduce excess monetary imbalances and raised peso interest rates to offset inflationary pressure. The new economic program, which came to be known as the Convertibility Regime, was centered on the Convertibility Law of and related measures.

Government involvement in sectors ranging from oil and electricity to telecommunications decrto financial services became significant. Inthe services 41188 grew by 1. As ofapproximately The contraction of economic activity in primarily resulted from a 6.

Growth of Services Sector. Sales of Goods and Services of the Public Administration.