This page sourcebook contains everything you need to move your game South o’ the Border! Players can make homegrown Mexican heroes, and Marshals. Legion, the Juaristas, or the stealthy and vicious predators that stalk the border regions by night, and by day. Take it from us—you don’t want to head south o’ the . South o’ the Border is the sourcebook for Mexico for Pinnacle’s Deadlands game. The book begins, like many other Deadlands sourcebooks, with information.

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I finished reading Deadlands Reloaded: This is a combination of three books that were put out individually earlier.

Impressions of Deadlands Reloaded: Trail Guides Vol. 1

Each of these books follows the same pattern starting with an in-game travel guide from wouth Tombstone Epitaph that contains the known rumors and goings on for the region including story hooks for adventures discussed in later sections of the book.

We then get any special setting rules sojth the region, a more in-depth section of Strange Locals that go into some of the secrets of the location that are only hinted at in the player section. After that we round out each section with a selection of adventure seeds and a selection of region specific monsters. What we get for this region is a brewing civil war between three factions and a hidden group of natives that are consorting with terrible powers to reclaim their lands.

The mini-plot point campaign is all about defeating a powerful evil spirit that an undead Aztec priest is trying deadlqnds release so it can cleanse the lands.


This is probably my least favorite of the linked adventures and the region that I most wish had an increased page count and covered more areas. This section covers the area of Washington eouth, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana. These are regions that are not covered by any of the plot point campaigns and so the information is good to have.

We also get a good amount of coverage on the difficulties surviving and traveling in this region especially during winter. The mini-plot point campaign soith with a change in the behavior of the Sasquatch and the need to figure out why and fix the situation before things get worse.

Overall, I felt like this region was well covered and I enjoyed the adventures and savage tales that are included. I also liked that they included a tale about getting shanghaied.

List of Deadlands: The Weird West publications – Wikipedia

This also includes a pretty Lovecraftian savage tale that might be my favorite of the set. This region gets the largest page count despite only covering British Columbia, Alaska, and the Yukon Territories. This region is trapped in a years long winter making it the harshest environment to explore. Overall, I think that this was the best of the three regions covered, and it did have the most page count devoted to it, so I felt like I knew more about what is going in the region and how the different powers are working together and at cross purposes.

The one thing that I wish we got more information on is the Hudson Bay Company because I can see a posse having run ins with them and that causing all kinds of difficulties as they work out who is costing them money and what to do about it.


The other thing I hope is that they produce more of these in the future. I would love to see the Confederate Status and the Union like this and possibly eastern Canada as well.

Deadlands Classic: South o’ the Border (PDF)

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