a. dbmcli -d -u control, – Login b. dbmcli -d -u control, db_offline|db_state| db_online – Shutdown c. dbmcli db_enum & sdbuninst -l – Identify. The Database Manager has a command-line oriented client, the Database Manager CLI (DBMCLI). The Database Manager CLI is. At the server, the startsap command executed successfully, it shows that ASCS Command: dbmcli -d GWD -u control, info LOG.

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Number indicating progress in notifying subscribers to alert messages: The list of attributes can be used as arguments in the LIST command.

SAP ERP with MaxDB

For each subscriber, the host must be specified as either a domain name or an IP address. Physical location of disk.

Values are normalwarningor critical. The number of incoming VL15 packets dropped at the InfiniBand port due to resource limitations, such as lack of buffers.

SAP MaxDB Tools – MaxDB – SCN Wiki

The attributes displayed for each object are determined by the specified attribute list. The value can be normalwarningor critical. The interconnect1 and interconnect2 attributes must be specified if interconnect3 is specified, and so on.


The priority option for the syslogconf attribute must be one of the following: This dbmcl the same alert name that is used in AlertHistory.

Unique sequence ID for the alert. The name of the user who acknowledged the alert. Example shows how to create a role.

Full System Recovery: Restoring the SAP MaxDB Database from the SAP Command Line

One to four interconnects can be specified. Value at the time that the metric is collected.

Alerts are defined on metrics and other sources of alerts. You can display metric definitions, current metrics, and metric history using the LIST command. If the syslogconf assignment extends the syslog rules, then a test message is forwarded to the specified management servers.

The following can be used for the ROLE object type: Specification for how the statistic was created or defined. This connection is described in note Limit beyond which the metric value is considered to be in the critical state for generating alerts.

MaxDb dbmcli commands | Onnry Does Netweaver

The number of swap pages read in KB per second. You can use the host operating system options for redirecting input and output to compose and process command scripts. You can specify which attributes to display for the LIST command with the following cokmands clause:.


The packStartTime dommands specifies when to start collecting the logs and traces. On the management server, the forwarded messages are directed to a file, console, or management application, depending on the syslog configuration on the management server. Amount of time metric values are stored. Example shows how to change the format of e-mail messages. Unique identifier assigned by the system.

When dropping stateful alerts, you must drop all members of the alert sequence at the same time. Commajds this field is not specified, it defaults to the IP address associated with eth0. The email parameter is mandatory. Enclose the host name or IP address in quotation marks if it contains non-alphanumeric characters. Example Removing All syslog. Interconnect 1 to 4 for the database server. Status of the power.

Usage Notes role1 and role2 are the names of roles. The occurrences attribute specifies the number of consecutive measurements over the threshold value that trigger a state change. The ALL argument grants all roles to the user.