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Perhaps a certain segment of the public, but not necessarily for artists only.

But mostly he performs his sleights on his audience’s focus, rhythms, awareness and expectations. Thanks for posting on your blog. If you do not receive this email, please contact us here: He forced a card on me several times in demonstration and the effect was eerie–I felt very clearly that I was being forced, but I also felt absolutely compelled to take the force card, almost as if by hypnosis.

How do they separate the wheat from the chaff lookie-loos? Make sure that the amount you transfer is the exact total of your order. Ross W Inner circle uk Posts. Be sure to focus your comments on the product. Ive been in magic only a year and a half, so still a noob.

He’s a wonderful performer and thinker, but don’t imagine his stuff is simple to perform! Hypnotic Pull by Patrick G. I can’t wait to try it out. Dani is a master of manipulating the spectator to his own needs and does it effortlessly.


[PDF] Dani Daortiz – Libertad de Expresion – Free Download PDF

As a student graduating within the fine arts, it was always assumed the end goal is displaying your work for the public. That, for me, makes sense.

Dani’s abilities are amazing and every time I watch I’m impressed with his seeming “I don’t care” laissez fair attitude. If you are paying in this way you MUST write your Yourname order number in the description section when paying so we can easily recognize your payment.

Dani Daortiz – Libertad de Expresion

GreenKnight33 Regular user Posts. In order to create good magic, you have to “create” your audience, to communicate what is the role of the audience.

Without ANY daoetiz moves the card completely vanishes! Strong enough for any Professional act, Easy enough for a Beginner. In fact it’s bloody hard, and almost impossible to practice without an audience.

Devonte Rosero – Juxtaposition Model: But self-working it most definitely isn’t. For those who read in spanish, his book “Libertad de Expresion” is my favorite book on forces. Swayne, I can’t say his method on a public board as it’s not mine to share, but I believe he’s discussed it in his Utopia DVD series. This page was created in 0.

Can you describe what he did differently with the classic force? Libertax require prior approval before they will be displayed. Click here to cancel reply.


Libertad de Expresion by Dani Daortiz –

I’ve been in some of his lectures, and although I knew I would be forced into a card in any given moment, I was never sure if it was a force or a free choice. The red deck is slowly spread between your fingers as the spectator is asked to merely think of any card they see. You clearly felt the card was being forced, but you said he did it to you several times. Feb 3, Dani’s work on the classic force is just beautiful and you can find it in detail in his utopia dvd series, as a daotriz you probabbly felt he was forcing it on you but his attitude and body language are so dissarming that on the back of your mind you have to take that card, it’s libertav difficult to fight him because of that, I don’t remember ever seeing him miss a classic force on a spectator.

In other words, what works for Dani won’t necessarily work for you. ,ibertad

V Channels overseas” – Devonte. New Products For December. Choose a ranking for this item. Feb 5,