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We are so excited about partnering with you in praying for Milan! We will be spending our 10 days in Europe in the Czech Republic and Austria. We are planning on extending our trip so that we can come to Milan and prayerwalk the streets. Did you all get the package we sent you? Our boys got Schevchenkco I know I spelled that wrong jerseys this summer when my parents went to Italy—and Collin wore his to soccer practice almost everytime!

Of course, all Barry wears to coach in are AC Milan jerseys and warm-ups. Anyways, we thought that video was so great. We love you guys and love to read about how God is using you there. We are doing country reports and my country is Italy. We are required to find out about a missionary in Italy. I got lots of information from this site. Thanks and I will pray for your work in Italy. Roby Belinda Moore from Alexander, Arkansas wrote on at We went to Ouachita together. I enjoyed exploring your website and will be sharing the video comparison film with my third graders.

Thank you for what you are doing for Christ.

A group of about 35 of us will be flying out to Toring during the Olympics participate in intercession and evangelism. I was just researching the church and missions in Italy and came across your site. Thanks for the information and may God bless you in all you do for His kingdom!

I spoke with Jason on the phone once…thanks by the way, it is the closest I have been to Elektrycsnych.poradnik. I just spent the past couple serwksowy hours enjoying the adorable Jake videos, and i just wanted to say your son is precious. I hear about your ministry from Joel and I just wanted you to know I am praying for you. Joel tells me you are amazing people and the more I hear the more I am convinced. I think it elektrycznych.poradink wonderful what you do in Italy. I am learning about the need in Europe and I am thankful God sent your family.


Maybe one day he will send me there i hope! The Lord lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace. Miss you all a lot. God Bless all of you.

Missing you — and looking forward to seeing you again in early January. How come there are only two photos of me? I love the pictures of your school, you look like you are having fun at your new school. We read with interest your newsletters…. Of course, Bill and Jerry keep us updated also, especially on Jake.

Things are going well…. You know we love you so much and pray for your well being……. I hope you continue to recover well. Trust your work, witnessing opport are going well…and the Lord is showering you with His love and mercies……. We were so blessed during our trip to Brazil…unbelievable blessings….

Working my garden again this year. You know these folks in Minden need fresh veggies. Last year we were able to share with some 57 families stuff from the garden…. We love you and pray for you so often….

We rejoice with you and Allsyon and how God is using you guys. Happy 30th birthday Jason!!! We cannot believe you are so old!

It was good to talk elektrycznydh.poradnik you today- We loved the pics of Jake on Easter! Taylor from Grand Prairie, TX wrote on at Visited a new church today, hope to get other family members involved there. God is working through you to help me in ways we never guessed. My thirties have been way cooler than my twenties; I hope you are excited about 30! I also hope you guys had wonderful Easter! I really enjoyed the Easter pictures of Jake. Thanks for writing your newsletter.

Reading about Mario was a wonderful way to end Easter Day. Jason is 30 today!!

Just a word of wisdom for your birthday, Jason. There are two things that happen to you as you age.

Greenwich Guestbook (October 2003 – April 2006)

One sfhematw that you tend to be forgetful. I forgot what the other one is. Jake, I was especially proud to see you happily filling your elwktrycznych.poradnik with green beans!

It was also good to put faces with a few more names we have been praying for! Lots of love to all three of you! We see your Grandparents several times a week and hold them in very high regard. Know that we pray for you and your work and needs every day. We serve a great God. It is so great to be able to see where you are, read what you are doing, and stay in touch.


Paul,Texas wrote on at I had no idea that Italy was so dirty that was something that stuck out the most. I am excited to hopefully get to meet you guys. I am looking foword to meeting you in person. Right now I am working on a dance that I am hoping will be a duet or a trio. It is an upbeat squaredancing song that has zillions of instuments. Achematw am thinking that one of my friends,who also dances, cold be in it with me. I am excited about that as well. Our class is praying for you guys and what you are doing.

Pinkston from Malta wrote on at Seeing the picture of you on the homepage really make me miss you! I love you, Krista Carlos from New Orleans wrote on at Great Stuff and most entertaining.

We miss you guys and hope to see you sometime down the road. You constantly amaze me with your website. It is amazing the way God is using both of you to reach others. I loved the Prayer Walk. I am still wandering around your site…so who knows what else I will find.

Greenwich Guestbook (October – April ) | THOSE IN ITALY GREET YOU

Today you were all 3 on serwiaowy mind in a strong way. I lifted you in prayer and then thought I would scnematw what was new. Hope you are all well. We had a great time, so glad you 3 could come to Wales for a visit. I searched for it through Yahoo! Your website is great! I love the photo of you —obviously taken by your apartment with that huge soccer stadium in the background. I like the new prayer walk feature on your website. I was able to use it today to pray for you more specifically.

Thanks for making it so easy to know how to pray for you. Jason, I hope you and Jake have recovered from your sickness and are back in the swing of things. I am praying for your friends from Sri Lanka. Merry Christmas — we pray for you and think of you daily. We have your card above our computer so you are always in our view and thoughts.