Abbreviation / Long Form: CWEQ-II / Conditions of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire-II Abbreviation: CWEQ-II (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation). Long Form. The main purpose of this paper is to examine the psychometric properties of the original five-point CWEQ II using Item Response Theory (IRT) methods, followed . Background: The article presents the Polish adaptation of the Conditions for Work Effectiveness Questionnaire II (CWEQ II), developed by Laschinger et al.

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The next step was to translate the Cqeq version obtained from the original questionnaire back into English. Structural empowerment and anticipated turnover among critical care nurses. Epub Dec Authentic leadership, empowerment, and burnout: Journal of Nursing Care Quality24 They were asked to give their opinions on whether the number of items was sufficient to measure each dimension. To analyze predictive validity, regression model was used to assess the ability of cwweq to opportunity, support, information, and resources to predict levels of global empowerment in the workplace.

CWEQ-II Publications | PubFacts

Journal of Advanced Nursingccweq Method Participants The sample consisted of University employees from a Portuguese public university. Also shown are the reliability and discrimination of the instrument when each item is removed.

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of a disease knowledge and self-care questionnaire for a Brazilian sample of heart failure patients.

From this perspective, empowerment is also considered as a series of activities and practices that, when carried out, gives subordinates power, control, and authority. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics70 A jackknife variance estimator for unistage stratified samples with unequal probabilities. College of Nursing, University of Utah; Results The results of the research were divided into two moments.


A test was also used for the validation of the seven components of the cwsq CWEQ-II, by means of factorial analysis. Job characteristics and job cewq and resources e. The CWEQ-II is made up of 12 items distributed into four sub-scales, each measuring perceived access to a corresponding empowerment structure Laschinger et al. Structural and psychological empowerment climates, performance, and the moderating role of shared felt accountability: The observed relationship between structural and global empowerment supports Kanter’s theory about empowerment in the workplace.

However, only Kanter offers a theoretical framework, empirically supported, for creating empowering and meaningful work and organizational environments for professionals. A methodological study of adaptation and validation of the subjective variable measurement tool of the instrument CWEQ-II for fweq Portuguese language was accomplished.

None of the items had absolute skewness greater than one.

Conditions of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire-II (CWEQ-II) – Allie: Abbreviation / Long Form Info.

The relationship of nursing work environment to empowerment and powerlessness. The power of the nurses is related more to the professional power 5 in detriment of the structural one, even with the increase of their scope of functions in recent years 6 – 7. The resulting expert judgement yielded very favourable results in that all three judges correctly classified all items. The participation of three iii, two of the construct being assessed, and one in scale construction, was requested to analyze the questionnaire.

CWEQ – Conditions for Work Effectiveness

The factor formal power presented minor identification, which means its questions did not show a high correlation with this factor; however it does not invalidate its applicability. Development of an upward feedback instrument. Journal of Applied Psychology96 Confirmatory factor analysis, Cronbach’s alpha coefficients and discrimination indexes Deltaand predictive validity supported the internal validity and reliability of the questionnaire.


This questionnaire showed good psychometric properties.

First, we examined whether the assumption of multivariate normality of the data was satisfied. The two final questions of the questionnaire, referring to the evaluation of the component, were adequately identified as a seventh factor.

Predictive validity Predictive validity was analyzed using a multiple regression model, with the global empowerment score as the dependent variable and the four sub-scales of the CWEQ-II as the independent variables.

This study was conducted to explore issues of cwe managers’ power and empowerment. Table 1 shows the predominance of the female gender, with a more significant variation in age among the interviewees and a less significant variation in relation to vweq time of work in the current position of practical nurse.

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The factorial scores measure the correlation of the question with the component factor as non-observable. The researchers and a Nursing academic delivered the nurses the ceq with guidelines and summoned the collection of the same. Specifically in health care settings, nurse leaders play an essential role in creating supportive work environments to avert these negative trends and increase nurse job satisfaction.

This robust variance estimator takes into account sampling ki that arises due to the imprecision in the measurement of individual proficiencies as well as sampling variability resulting from the features of the sample design Berger, Epub Jul 2.

Integrating theory and practice. Table 1 presents the English version as well as the Portuguese version.