CRYPTEX: Tradecraft for the spy who loves messaging mysteries. . It comes with instructions to set the pass code to any 5 letter combination you choose. Resetting the code is fairly straightforward after you follow the instructions carefully. It involves taking apart the cryptex, taking off the outer rings. Instruction Sheet. Video Instructions (almost identical to those of Vino Vault) Puzzle Pod cryptex can be set to any five letter word of your choice. It could have .

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Cryptex instructions.png

A secret chamber with However, you can disassemble the Cryptex to have the code be any 5-letter word you want. Puzzle Pod Junior is designed for creating an interactive game in the exchange of gift cards or cash.

It involves taking apart the cryptex, taking off the outer rings, and then replacing the outer rings in the right configuration.

Estimated delivery May Puzzle Pod Cryptex full of goodies. Thing Statistics Views. This was a whole lot of fun for all of us! Reward no longer available backers.


Simply click the button below and we’ll pass along a note to them. Kickstarter is not a store. Who will open it first? Simply open the artifact and follow the detailed instructions of the user manual we will provide.

Puzzle Pod Cryptex (Review)

Let Them Know Message sent! We are proud to share we issued a patent of our design, it is now patent pending.

For those of you who don’t know what phrase to choose or simply don’t want to customize it, we will engrave the official web address of the Cryptex no decided yet, but tentatively would be cryptex.

With your lovely support and our hard work we continue to get better every day. instructione

Here you can store anything you want! The mechanism, the material, its resistance and durability, how pieces join together, its shape and weight. Download All Files unstructions 10 14 4 0. Summary In the book -the Da Vinci Code- a cryptex plays an important role.

Funding period Feb 2, – Mar 5, 30 days. It’s good for the designer and the instuctions that means you! Ships to Anywhere in the world. Liked By View All. Thank you for your kind support! Another smaller shortcoming is crypteex it can be a bit difficult for a first-time cryptex user to input the 5-letter word, as with the wrong hold, the other dials will shift when you try to input a letter into one of the dials.


Check it out here: Remember to Post a Make!

CRYPTEX: DaVinci lock artifact with a secret chamber inside by GUIZAR BROTHERS — Kickstarter

Reward no longer available 20 backers. This thing can be improved. Little did I know that secretly packed beneath the candy was my engagement ring. Cryptex – English campaign description.

Da Vinci Code Cryptex by pasutx – Thingiverse

Shipping with tracking number included. Show Some Love Say thanks by giving pasutx a tip and help them continue to share amazing Things cryltex the Thingiverse community.

Sorprende a cualquiera con un asombroso regalo lleno de misterio y romanticismo. Resetting the code is fairly straightforward after you follow the instructions carefully.