Blow is a excellence design radiator, made of polished stainless steel. Follow Cordivrai Design, we will inform you about our news: events, press. GIULY SL. EXTRASLIM. Design Mariano Moroni. Giuly® the new radiator .

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Cordivari Design Radiators

Product Design – best of the best “, the most prestigious award in the category” product design “. The new Jungle radiator, Arch.

The colour palette is made with ecological epoxy-polyester powders with 90 gloss brightness. Technological, ergonomic and ecological choices allows to work respecting the human being and its environment.

They specialized in design radiators, solar thermal systems, tanks, boilers, compressed air tanks, chimney flues and food containers. The Cordivari company has a proven industrial tradition and today it is one of the most important Italian manufacturers in the heating and plumbing industry.

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Blow also combines the efficiency and high-quality heating technique leading to a unique design: The particular wave effect makes Blow a three dimensional Radiator, an amazing representation of reality with a play of light and colour. Tag Related Articles Cordivari Radiatori di design. Mariano Moroni new project, is going to enrich the already exclusive range of Extraslim Cordivari Design radiators. The Cordivari plants are situated on an area of Valves are hidden in order to preserve the minimalist design, allowing an extremely fast cleaning.


The French designer impressed his own “breath” to the creative field, producing a harmonious silhouette, characterized by gently undulating areas that generate amazing reflections of light and colour.

Blow Design Jean-Marie Massaud The waves of the dfsign, with their sinuous movement, are among the inspirations for Blow, the new radiator created by Jean-Marie Massaud, in collaboration with Cordivari Design. Blow is a unique radiator design that gives architects and interior designers the opportunity to fulfil their requirements in terms of design. The entire range is accessorised with handy and essential satin stainless steel towel racks.

Blow is the winner of the Red Dot Design Awardone of the most important design awards worldwide recognized by the media and professionals designers. Download catalogue Sofi Sofi.

Founded in by Ercole Cordivari, Cordivari has four industrial facilities. H x mm; H x mm; H x mm; H x mm. Cordivari Radiatori di design.

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The waves of the sea, with their sinuous movement, are among the inspirations for Blow, the new radiator created by Jean-Marie Massaud, in collaboration with Cordivari Design. Vordivari is made of only one compact body, and for its technology and design is giving a new vision, a complete new concept to the market, marking a milestone and a big evolutions of the traditional radiators.


Painted Carbon Steel Dimensions: Thanks to its development strategies all addressed to the new technologies and to high level training of human resources and well equipped modern structures, Cordivari has become one of the leading companies in the sector.

The unique, native and exotic design, is resign of sensorial emotions, filling daily home life with colours, culture and feelings. The accurate manufacturing and impeccable finishes enhance the elegance and harmony of the new Frame colours.