Conversion of a Galvanometer into Ammeter and Voltmeter. Voltmeter: It is a high resistance galvanometer, used to measure potential. Conversion of a galvanometer into voltmeter & Ammeter. 1. KAMALJEETH INSTRUMENTS. Experiment S. GALVANOMETER AND ITS. CONVERSION . Voltmeter and Ammeter. Objective: (a) To convert a galvanometer into a voltmeter reading up to V volts and calibrate it. (b) To convert a galvanometer into an.

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To convert the given galvanometer of known resistance and figure of merit into an ammeter of desired range and to verify the same.

A galvanometer is a device used to detect feeble electric currents in a circuit. It has a coil pivoted or suspended between concave pole faces of a strong laminated horse shoe magnet. When an electric current passes through the coil, it deflects.


The deflection is proportional to the current passed. The galvanometer coil has a moderate resistance about ohms and the galvanometer itself has a small current carrying capacity 1 mA. An ammeter is a device used for measuring large electric currents in circuits. For this purpose, it is put in series with the circuit in which the current is to be measured. A galvanometer can detect only small currents.

Conversion of Galvanometer to Ammeter (Theory) : Class 12 : Physics : Amrita Online Lab

Thus, to measure large currents it is converted into an ammeter. It can be converted into an ammeter by connecting a low resistance called shunt resistance in parallel to the galvanometer. Let G be the resistance of the galvanometer and Ig be the current for full scale deflection in the galvanometer, the value of the shunt resistance required to convert the galvanometer into an ammeter of 0 to I ampere is. The figure of merit of a galvanometer is defined as the current required in producing a unit deflection in the scale of the galvanometer.

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It is represented by the symbol k and is given by the equation.

Where E is the e. Conversion of Galvanometer to Ammeter.

What is a Galvanometer? What is an Ammeter?

How to convert a Galvanometer into an Ammeter? What is figure of merit of a galvanometer? The student learns the following concepts: Unto Ammeter Figure of merit Shunt resistance How a galvanometer can be converted into an ammeter. Retrieved 1 Januaryfrom amrita.