Contextual design (CD) is a user-centered design process developed by Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt. It incorporates ethnographic methods for gathering. Karen Holtzblatt, Hugh Beyer, A tool supporting capture and analysis of field research data using the contextual design methodology, CHI ‘ The authors developed Contextual Design, the method discussed here, through their work with teams struggling to design products and internal systems.

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The User Environment Design captures the required function and behavior of the new system, at least for the core work cases. Designing for a Dollar a Day.

Experienced designers too will find material to interest them. The book is as described by the seller, but there where shipping mishandling and shipping took desihn long. Five different models provide five perspectives on how work conextual done:. Experience in Real Life. In practice, this means that researchers aggregate data from customers in the field where people are living and applying these findings into a final product.

As Agile processes become more widespread and more accepted, the relationship between Agile development and user-centered processes can be expected to evolve.

See and discover other items: Visioning sets the project direction and defines what kind of solution to provide. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Contextual Design – InContext Design

First, it was a timely solution to a real problem. The book hotlzblatt shows how to capture the real requirements of customers and how to tailor designs to fit their needs. Any holes in the data and areas that need more information should also be labeled.


HoltzblattKaren and BeyerHugh R.

The expectation at the outset of new concept development is that the resultant products will actively transform the way people live, and will become their new habit. Verbal Reports as Data. This data forms the bases for a grounded theoryas defined by Glaser and Strauss Glaser and Straussand as such motivates design action. It reveals the formal and informal workgroups and communication patterns critical to doing the work.

This holtzblaatt where Contextual Design excels, imbuing the insights with a structure that grounds them, lets them communicate quickly, and helps them live on to inform Big Thing v2. The Cultural Model captures culture and policy that constrain how work is done. The authors developed Contextual Design, the method discussed here, through their work with teams struggling to design products and internal systems.

The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd Ed.

Various practitioners of Contextual Design offer short testimonials on the software design method. Portion of a Paper Prototype. Instead, a contextual interviewer observes users as they work and inquires into the users’ actions as they unfold to understand their motivations and strategy.

No different from any other textbook type of read. Consolidation brings data from individual customer interviews together so the team can see common pattern and structure without losing individual variation. References WhitesideJ. Refining the design with users gives designers a customer-centered way to resolve disagreements and work out the next layer of requirements. Handbook of Human Computer Interaction.

This focuses the conversation on how to improve people’s lives with technology, rather than on what could be done with technology without considering the impact on peoples’ real lives. Papers and case studies describing uses of Contextual Design abound in the literature.



See section “Exceptions” in the copyright terms below. The translation from any kind of research on user needs to design requirements often lacks process and rigor.

The class assignments involved mock implementations of the concepts described in the book which was fun. They are there not just there to get inspired, or to validate, but to learn something about humans.

Your team participates and provides knowledge and understanding of your business and technology. The vision captures a conetxtual of how customers will do their work in the new world the team invents. Bejer How-to guide to key techniques for user-centered design. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. They talk too much or not enoughsay crazy stuff, and definitely slow things down.

Paper prototyping develops rough mockups of the system using notes and hand drawn paper to represent windows, dialog boxes, buttons, and menus. ManningHarley In visioning, a cross-functional team comes together to create stories of how new product concepts, services, and technology can better support the user work practice.

Children as co-designers of new technologies: Inthe follow-up handbook Rapid Contextual Design Holtzblatt et al expanded upon the method and provided more practical guidance. Agile development dovetails very nicely with user-centered design Beyer While geared to the systems analyst, the book is valuable to anyone responsible for gathering prospect problems at an onsite meeting.