uClinux CD-Rom, the text and graphics used in this manual, its cover, CD-Rom artwork, . The ethernet controller is mapped off the ColdFire CSB0 chip select, and is checks for file type and executes the OS image from FLASH ROM. The MCF device performs the full set of IEEE /Ethernet CSMA/CD media .. MCFUM ColdFire Integrated Microprocessor User Manual .. Default filename and filetype parameters are manipulated using the SET and SHOW. CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers Vx ColdFire Build Tools Reference Manual, Rev. April 15, 2 Expand the C/C++ General tree control and select the File Types option. c. _5

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The command will respond fileyype indicating your new user level of 2. Now, just in case you hadn t already noticed, type help dm and you ll see that there is a required user level for this command which, by default, is set to 0 the lowest security level. In all three cases above, two levels of verbosity can also be turned on. Usually this is adequate; however, in some cases, a portion of the flash is used by TFS and the remaining flash is used by the application for another flash file system or just for raw flash storage space.

We ll talk more about that later. Refer to manpage for more details. Examples later in this chapter coldfirf demonstrate this.

It can then be copied to local user space and turned into a real target-specific application as needed Additional Stack Sanity Two new coldfier are added to MicroMonitor for umon1.

Type the command help.

Configure the dm command to require a minimum of user-level 1 with the command: This allows a product to be shipped with a common code base that is configurable though files that are only accessible by the user level that needs to be able to access them.

Both scripts and binary executables can be configured with 52772 flags enabled; but there are limitations. So, how does MicroMonitor distinguish between executable and non-executable or between autobootable and non-autobootable? This way the communication between the host and the debugger hardware is minimized.


Even with all else the same, the polarity on the connector may be opposite that of your target hardware. Depending on the customer, this may or may not be acceptable. CFI is used without parameters. The demo includes html files that can be installed in TFS and will be served by the HTTP server to provide the ability to run umon commands from a browser. Note that a default system startup does not have any password file installed, so access to the various user levels is approved with any password.

The first command to get codfire with is help. The only exception to this is that it is volatile through a reset, that is, it is temporary file space. If the data size is bytes, then there will be 28 bytes of junk.

Onchip/NOR FLASH Programming User s Guide – PDF

This can involve a relatively large amount of overhead if the modification to be made is trivial. Please report comments, questions or deficiencies in this documentation or the MicroMonitor platform directly to me at Note that this is a living document. By default, the incoming lease time option is ignored. Also, don t be fooled. Memory Hierarchy Mehran Rezaei Filerype types of memory do we have?

MicroMonitor comes with two standard mechanisms for transferring to and from the target.

Typically, the ping command will generate more than one request; hence, you see more than one reply. The output should indicate the presence of the monrc file that we created back in section 2.

TFS supports file attributes or flags. At any given time, MicroMonitor is running at some user level. On the other hand, if the file loaded in is not executable, then some other autobootable file can be set up to be waiting for this to be loaded. With any Xmodem transfer, both the sender and receiver must be told to start up the protocol.


Before the PC can communicate with the target over IP, the MicroMonitor firmware needs to be configured with some network address information: The amount of space that is actually available for file data storage depends on the number of files stored The Xmodem protocol is slow; however, it provides a means of transferring files without the need for an Ethernet driver.

MicroMonitor. User Manual

By default all commands require a user level of at least 0 making all commands accessible, since user level 0 is the lowest user level. Refer to the target documentation for this information. This command is eliminated.

Typically an application in an embedded system filetypd up and hopefully runs forever, colfdire at least until some user intervention coldffire it.

An unintended or incorrect write to this data might secure the chip and lock it for debugging. In a nutshell, this means that various groups of files and commands can be restricted to only those users that know the password to get to the required user level assuming a password file is installed.

Use the ipconfig command at the DOS prompt to retrieve your PC s network configuration, and from that you can determine what values to use on the target.

This is a new command that allows umon scripts to communicate with remote hosts over UDP. You alone are the LORD. Notice that the output is the same, there was no dm-specific help output.

Onchip/NOR FLASH Programming User s Guide

Embedded hello world App 2: In all cases of data transferred to the target, the destination is initially to RAM. If this address is A comment can be up to 64 characters long. Application Note Released on: Loaded with the IP address of the remote host that issued the most recent fletype command via the moncmd UDP interface. If you re using something pre GCC