CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from s. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to. Visit 2. Use the Download Prowess IQ link on the right panel to download the Prowess IQ setup file. 3. Execute the downloaded. Prowess: Download ProwessIQ user interface (Client Software) for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install it on.

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Prowess feedback has increased over time for threegood reasons. The Annual Report prepared by the company is themost important source of information in Prowess.

The quarterly financial performance statements are themost important and most eagerly awaited informationon listed companies.

Central Library IIT Bombay | CMIE Database

It does makeanalytical company reports that include forecasts of thecompanys performance. Usually, these are available with alarge lag between the public availability of suchreports and their availability from the Ministry.

Prowess creates and stores the formu-lae for these for the convenience of the user. Their extremely small size of opera-tions sales of no more than a hundred thousand rupees make them unsuitable for the Prowess database.

Prowess Resource Tutorial

The first option of searching companies called theQuery Builder gives the user complete freedom tospecify the conditions of a search or the precise datathat is sought in the output.


Normal-isation is a process through which data collated fromheterogeneous sources over time are brought on to astandardised platform such that the data are compara-ble across companies and over time.

If the AnnualReport copy available with CMIE does not contain seg-ments of information, Prowess may still include all theinformation relating to the financial statements.

These are not necessarily companies. Related party transactions is a relatively new disclosureby companies. It does not cover any partnerships or proprietor-ship concerns. There is no standardisation of whatis understood as a segment.

There has been a smaller decline in the number of man-ufacturing companies releasing their quarterly financialstatements in the same period. Query Triggers are specially designed user-interfaces that help you articulate a query cor-rectly.

What is the historyof the company, Bajaj Auto Ltd.? Thereis an overlap of information presented in the 8-nodestree-structure and the disclosures as per the AccountingStandards and RBI stipulations. Subsidiaries of such companies arealso covered individually in Prowess since their detailedfinancial statements are usually available in the parentcompanys annual report. Prowess is a database of the performance of a company. In somecases, the data on the websites cmif outdated.

Prowess helps by having several such tabulationsbuilt-in. A stored series of tuutorial can be executed at the click of a button inthe batches section.


Companies included in Prowessare not selected or filtered by any process. There is atop view of the Income and Expenditure Statement andthe Assets and Liabilities Statement that provides thebroad outline of the finances. There tutorrial three elements of transformation of the datacaptured from the Annual Report as it is converted intoa database.

In such cases, we retain allthe information available in the database till it did pro-vide information.

This was for the year endedMarch This does happen for smaller or privately heldcompanies. These classifications are basedon methodologies developed by CMIE.

It does not involve any re-estimation of theprofit and loss statement or the balance sheet. If such an entity produces an Annual Report based onaudited annual accounts that is available to us, it will beincluded in Prowess.

All feedback received by us does not get incorporatedin the product. The indicators ofdisclosures are limited, and these have expanded overtime. Home Documents Prowess Resource Tutorial. The listpresented above therefore, may not be exhaustive.