City of Splendors: Waterdeep offers an in-depth examination of the great city of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms setting. An overview of the city includes. City of Splendors: Waterdeep () – Explore the Shining Jewel of Faerûn Waterdeep beckons! For centuries, this grand city has stood at the. City of Splendors has ratings and 3 reviews. The first in-depth look at Waterdeep, the shining jewel of the Forgotten Realms setting, in many years.C.

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Ideas on how to use the PrC for encounters, sample NPC, and how the class fits into the game, as opposed to the world, are provided along with ideas on how to adapt it to other settings.

Circa -1, DR, Illefarn fragmented into three realms: Wednesday, 8th July, It was good, but could have been so much better if they had more material and added a removable map. A city is not just its history though.

City of Splendors: Waterdeep (Forgotten Realms)

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. At some level, WoTC must realize this. An extensive appendix gives information on new equipment, magic items, psionic powers, poisons, spells, and more.

Each one comes with a location, EL of the encounter, and occasionally game stats. Dragons of Faerun, Part 3. Fredrick rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Parts of the mechanics feel very gotta catch ’em all and I’m positive that any mage I play will be trying to get the GH enforcer PrC with it’s good hit dice and bab and spellcasting progression. What are the laws and punishments?


I really, honestly did, having bought nearly every 2nd Ed. Hardcoverpages. The people and places covered mesh well with what I have and are waterdefp for references. Another five level PrC with medium bab, medium hit dice d8spellcasting at every level, good Fort splencors Will Saves, and special abilities. This is truly one of the worst things about modern printing conditions that accessories like maps have gone by the wayside in many products. Trivia About City of Splendors Another area where the book is lacking, is when looking at Waterdeep Locales.

This section is empty.

City of Splendors: Waterdeep – Wikipedia

Nicholas Morris rated it really liked it Jul 16, So download this web enhancement and let your player characters explore the lands around the great city of Waterdeep! Also included in the book are discussions of specific Waterdeep locales, adventure locales, and new monsters.

At its height, Ardeep encompassed the lands between the Sword Mountains and the lower Delimbiyr Vale. One old edition creature, the Leucrotta also makes its return, along with a variant gargoyle, the guardgoyle, and some other beasties.

The game mechanics then continue in chapter six, Monsters of Waterdeep. Jatgproductions rated it liked it May 01, I am glad we got some new info, but WoTC idea that people don’t buy the other products for a setting is flawed. It also covers a quick look at some of the other bits associated with a waterdsep. I really enjoyed that one, which in my opinion is waterfeep of the ten ‘Must Have’ titles for any 3rd Ed. Results 1 to 7 of 7.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. Doppelgangers in the city of Waterdeep, are they welcome? Why they chose to cover Waterdeep in the smaller page format beggars belief!


Kevin P rated it it was amazing Apr 15, Watrdeep Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Also included in the book are discussions of specific Waterdeep locales, adventure locales, and new monsters. For those more interested in honest work, there are several factions that could act as patrons, including the mysterous Lords of Waterdeep, masked individuals who are unknown, as well as different noble families. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: This is a full ten level PrC that can eventually use a sunbeam spell once per day, in addition to things like fire shield and low light vision.

Thanks for the feedback guys. What splwndors of defenses does the city have? In addition to the human-dominated city, this region includes dwarfholds in the Forlorn Hills and the Swords Mountains, the moon elven lands in and around Ardeep Forest, and the lower Delimbiyr and Dessarin valleys. Terms of Use – Privacy Statement.

Those looking for ideas on what to do with the characters in the city though, have many options. Alias old Bloodhelm, I knew him well.

Does Waterdeep emphasize religion?

City of Splendors: Waterdeep – D&D Wiki

Ardeep, Iliyanbruen, and Rilithar. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Mike Heffron rated it it was amazing Nov 27, How about getting into the time machine and moving back to say, and the old boxed set, City of Splendors.