Test CES Seagull Program CES Competence Evaluation System CES & for Android QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS OF. Buy CES For Deck & Engine (Questions & Correct Answers): Reviewer for Entrance Exam for Maritime Company: Read Kindle Store Reviews. The Crew Evaluation System (CES) is an online assessment tool to evaluate the Identify training needs (wrong answer summary report); Test results stored and use the test editor function or integrate STCW testing to reveal the strengths.

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Please download to get full document. Home Documents Stcw Ces Stcd 4. Stcw Ces Test 4. What rules and regulations are regulating the watch keeping routines in the engine room? Share Stcw Ces Test 4. Embed Stcw Ces Test 4. All materials on our website are shared by users. If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them.

We are always happy to assist you. Watch keeping engineers shall have a minimum of knowledge of the vessel’s engine room and operation of its functions prior to being accepted as Engineer on Duty, and shall acknowledge his Should Answer: He shall have all the etcw as listed in the other alternatives Questions Asked: The duty engineer of a UMS ship is approached by a member of the ship’s staff, seeking permission to hang wet working clothes in the engine room to dry.

Not allow the clothes to be hung abswers in the unmanned machinery spaces. What is a fire wire?

Wire for pulling burning ships off the pier Questions Asked: How often shall cee members participate in fire drills?

Once every month Questions Asked: Which of the following items shall be included in each fire drill? Checking the operation of watertight doors, fire doors, fire dampers and relevant communication Questions Asked: You are on night time duty as navigating officer on a ship under way, when a fire in the crew’s accommodation is reported.

[PDF] CES and 5 Seagull Test – Free Download PDF

Sound the fire alarm signal Questions Asked: The smoke detector fire indicator indicates fire in a cargo hold loaded by general cargo. What first action should be taken? Close the ventilation system and other openings to the hold in order to choke the fire Questions Asked: When a fire breaks out in the accommodation, cargo holds or on deck, who is in charge of the fire fighting answesr The Chief Officer Questions Asked: When a fire breaks out in the engine room, who is in charge of the fire fighting operations?

CES 4.1 and 5 Seagull Test

The Chief Engineer Questions Asked: What manoeuvre should be carried out in case of a fire onboard a ship? Reduce speed and, if possible, keep the fire zone to the leeward of the ship Questions Asked: Atcw has to be done before the central gas extinguishing system is used on a fire in engine rooms, cargo holds or other confined spaces?

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Make sure that the compartment has been evacuated Questions Asked: Cws case a fire alarm is sounded from the bridge, what action would you take as Engineer on Duty? Start the fire pump Questions Asked: What alarm signal is to be sounded by the alarm bells in case of fire onboard ships? Series of short blasts Questions Asked: According to basic principles regarding fire protection the ship is to be divided in zones by structural and thermal boundaries. In main vertical zones Questions Asked: Which spaces, in regard to fire protection, shall be separated from the rest of the ship by thermal and structural css What type of construction material should be avoided regarding fire protection purposes?

All combustible materials Questions Asked: In case of diesel naswers fire pumps, for how long period shall the fuel tank capacity allow the pump to be run at full capacity? Three hours Questions Asked: What is the maximum allowed suction head for fire pumps? In case each hydrant answera not fitted with hose and nozzles, what is the requirement? Complete interchangeability of hose couplings and nozzles Questions Asked: What number of fire hoses is required for cargo ships of tons gross and upwards?

One hose for each 30 meter length of ship plus one spare. Hoses for engine and boiler room in addition Questions Asked: What type of nozzles for fire hoses shall be used aboard ships? What types of gases are not allowed as fire-extinguishing medium for fixed gas fire-extinguishing system aboard ships? Toxic gases Questions Asked: What type of fire-extinguishing medium release is allowed for fixed gas fire-extinguishing installations? Manual operated release system only Questions Asked: In which compartments are halogenated hydrocarbons not allowed as fire-extinguishing media?

General cargo holds Questions Asked: For carbon dioxide fire-fighting systems for machinery spaces the fixed piping system shall be such that: The discharge arrangements for halogenated hydrocarbon total flooding systems shall be so designed that the minimum quantity of medium can be discharged in based on the discharge of the Should Answer: At which time shall required fixed fire-detection and fire-alarm systems with manual operated call points be in operation?

Capable of immediate operation at all times Questions Asked: How many power supply emergency sources are required for fire-detection and fire-alarm systems?

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How is the activation of any detector or manually operated call point of fixed fire- detection and fire-alarm systems to be indicated? By visual and audible signal at the control panel and indicating units Questions Asked: What other purposes may a fixed fire-detection and alarm system be used for, in addition to fire indication?


Controlled closing of fire doors Questions Asked: Where shall manually operated call points in fixed fire-detection and alarm systems be located in accommodation spaces? At exits and in corridors Questions Asked: Where in accommodation spaces shall smoke detectors be located? What is the general requirement for closing mechanisms for in- and outlets of all ventilation systems ships other than passenger ships carrying more than 36 passengers?

Closing must be possible from outside the spaces being ventilated Questions Asked: What is the requirement for stopping arrangements for power-ventilated accommodation spaces, cargo compartments, machinery spaces, service spaces and control stations ships other than passenger Should Answer: Must be capable of being stopped from an easily accessible position outside the space being served Questions Asked: At what time shall automatic sprinkler, fire-detection and alarm systems be capable of immediate operation?

At all times Questions Asked: In accommodation the automatic sprinklers shall come into operation within the temperature range: Which of the equipment listed is not included in the fireman’s personal equipment? Leather safety boots and gloves Questions Asked: In addition to personal equipment a fireman’s outfit also comprise breathing apparatus and a fireproof lifeline.

How many complete sets of fireman’s outfit is to be carried by all ships?

At least two sets Questions Asked: How many fireman’s outfits are to be carried by tankers? At least four sets Questions Asked: All waste receptacles shall be of non-combustible materials, built and equipped with: No openings in sides and bottom Questions Asked: Which ships shall answefs provided with international shore connection for supply of water as extinguishing media?

All ships of tons gross and upwards Questions Asked: A class fire divisions are those divisions formed by bulkheads and decks. Which of the following requirements do not comply with the rules? Insulated on both sides with approved non-combustible material Questions Asked: C class fire divisions shall meet one of the listed requirements: Article 1 Sec Senator An updated taxonomy and conservation status review of Asian primates.

Crew Evaluation System (CES)

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