Cave of the Ancients has ratings and 14 reviews. It is here that T. Lobsang Rampa journeyed on the road to self-awareness, to these age-old repositories. First a short introduction for the reader who dont know the Rampa story. He Lobsang Rampa – had long time ago – in many earlier incarnations – been prepared. Lobsang Rampa is the pen name of an author who wrote books with paranormal and occult . Doctor from Lhasa (); The Rampa Story (); Cave of the Ancients (); Living with the Lama (); You Forever (); Wisdom of the .

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I jumped from side to side, trying to work out a way of escape, but there appeared to be none. In the same way, when a person thinks, radio or electrical waves – actually they come from the higher part of the radio spectrum – are radiated from the brain. It was like the umbilical cord which connects the mother and the newborn child, only the ‘child’ which was the physical body could not exist for a moment if the Silver Cord was severed.

Lobsang Rampa

After much anciwnts, much discussion, those priests worked out a scheme of reward and punishment. A great light dawned upon me; I knew how Tibet could be saved! My own Teacher was a man who long ago passed from this life, whose empty Shell is even now in the Hall of Golden Images.


No, it was much brighter than that; the quality of the light must have given me the impression of moonlight. I entered his cell, and for the first time met Wu Hsi – the Chinese monk. In other projects Wikisource.

Machines caev into the distance and for a time, some months, the scene was quiet. At the first light of the dawning day we awakened and had a very frugal enkelt meal, then taking up our loads, we marched on.

cave ot the ancients

Thousands and thousands of years ago there was a high civilization upon this world. He rested until the time and conditions were pre-arranged. Trailing in the Ov wake, I followed him at a brisk pace down the slippery path to the Butter Room. The darkness of the night fell over the world.

The Cave Of The Ancients

This sudden rock fall accidentally anceints the entrance to the chamber in Tibet, and once inside we gained the knowledge of the other chambers. Now, at long last, he has been sent to us.

As I shall explain later, people not sufficiently evolved must first have a belief which sustains them, makes them feel that a benevolent Father or Mother is watching over them. There was no breeze anncients, the prayer flags hung listlessly from their poles. It is here that T. Moss and lichen mose og lav hang ned. The whole world trembled and shook.


The light was everywhere, beating down rampaa us from a number of globes which appeared to be suspended from the darkness of the roof. Are there many more with this particular ability? No longer did blood rush through arteries and veins, no longer did body fluids gurgle within. Much of the occult and paranormal events are glossed over – of course.

University of Chicago Press. Outside in anciejts corridors monks were shush-shushing along toward the Temple to the evening service. He nodded slightly and remarked, “Sometimes our Lobsang shows glimmerings of intelligence!

The Cave Of The Ancients : T. Lobsang Rampa :

Very interesting and a very different read. There is nothing rapma from the first book. Safe from intruders, it rested far beneath the surface of the land. We, watching, experienced vertigo. Sleepily I shook my head and blinked my eyes. I turned to start the descent, but was immediately halted by a whispered ‘Mingyar!

We settled down comfortably, and as soon as I had finished my cakes, my Guide and Friend spoke.