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We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. POLO is part of a group that operates in the market sincewe have affiliates located in strategic places, aiming the import of quality goods of the automotive market.

Catalogo arielo pdf

The FIAMM group has been changing the concept of sophistication and quality, offering the very best in automotive horns. O Grupo KJ fornece ao mercado automotivo cerca de itens entre: Quality Certifications ISO Facilidade no uso de seus produtos.

We apply our engineering expertise and technical know-how to increase the efficiency of trucks and vehicles. The products are made of high quality raw material and whith high tecnology always respecting the environment and human resources.

To get an idea of the scope of this,Brazilian consumers bought their first brand new car last year, a number that is the equivalent to the total vehicles sold in Chile, Colombia and Venezuela together, boosting the whole autoparts chain. Our corporative team is dedicated to share our concept: Welcome to visit our booth and our factory!

Fabrica compo- tractors, agricultural machines and boats. Industria metalurgica especializada no desenvolvim- Company Profile: Bosch is celebrating its th anniversary in Conscious of its social responsibility and participation at this global world, during 40 years has been writing its own history.


Our topics for the year are variable, according to the need of our public.

Delphi is a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, ariell vehicle and other segments. Engrenagens de Bomba para Compressores.

Destaque para linha de mo- commercial vehicles an industrial vehicles. Ltd is between the most important global manufacturers of starters, alternators, wiper blades and components for the automotive air conditioning system.

ZM S.A. – Armature ZM – CASE: , , , , ,

Dual kit disc-pad kit. Present in 67 countries, more than 30 car manufactures, Trico was elected one of the most trusted brands by most companies in the world. Company that has specialized since in the wake of automotive accessories, with emphasis on the category off Road.

The kits really make life easier for the investor, which saves your time in search of numerous items that compose them. Pioneer in quality in Brazil since to the manufacture of automotive electrical parts for replacement: CEP – Taipei Tel.: Products are first class and the best market prices.

Nosso cresci- manufacturing quality in rubber products and similars. Corporate Office is in Mumbai and factory situated in west part of India. The autoparts distribution sector has been making improvements to meet the cataogo of the market, with investments in logistics to be able to supply autoparts retailers, and to be present in every municipality in the country.

Industria de gaxetas para motores e gaxetas de escapamento. Kostal is a multinational autoparts company with headquarter in Germany.

Praia-Macau – China Tel.: It will give an exellent chance to foreign exhibtiors to penetrate in Korean automotive market. Our company has just celebrated 75 fruitful years of continuous production of water pumps. With 15 years of market Adtek Automotive brings to Brazil the very best in automotive technologia.


Das Palmeiras, Lj. Prioritization of originality and durability of products. The portfolio covers more than applications with a production capacity of 5 million CV Joints and 2.

Report “Automec Catalogo “. Rodovia RS Command and control cables.

In addition to providing high quality products and distinctive values. One of the most globalized and admired companies in Brazil, for over 40 years DHB has been supplying steering systems to the largest and most demanding automarkers worldwide. Atuamos no main supplier for the automotive market. Export market and the Brazilian Aftermarket.

ZM S.A. – Armature ZM – SCANIA: Série G, Série K, Série P, Série R, Série T.

It is an event of the size of Automec that makes the presentation of matters of this importance and which involve the whole sector possible. We believe that Automec is the appropriate venue for publicizing this work. Possui crescente estrutura fabril e administrativa voltada para o atendimento rapido e dinamico ao cliente. Joaquim Oliveira Freitas, 1.


Auto Parts import and deliveries. Excellent quality and advance technic guarantee to supply good service to you. A Automec, agora em sua We manufacture and distribute parts for Diesel Diesel, tais como: Harbin – China Tel.: