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Ibsen challenged this notion and the beliefs of his times and shattered the illusions of his audiences. I went into this play completely blind. She has kids but no husband after they split, she earns her own keep and she stands up for herself and her friends. I wonder if this play would’ve ever made to theaters if it was written by a woman back then?

Casa di bambola Henrik Ibsen on Behance

Henrok she spoke I wished Nora was real so I could slap casz hard across the face and hope she would finally open her eyes to the reality she lived in. The real excitement only happened in act three and I understand why the other two acts were slow, but that doesn’t make me enjoy them any more. Christine walked into that house and asked Nora to ask all of those questions. Come on, don’t be a sulky squirrel.

Casa di bambola

Maybe Nora knew he was in love with her and maybe she didn’t. She was childish, whiny, self-centred and obsessed with money over her children. Don’t they ibssen hopes, dreams, sorrows, disappointments like the rest of us?


Here, a cultural difference comes into play: You need to read it for yourself. There’s no getting around it. His voice perfectly matched how I imagined Nils Krogstad to be. Henrik Johan Ibsen was a major Norwegian playwright largely henrjk for the rise of modern realistic drama.

Yet, I always prefer longer books over short. Each breath the children take in such a house is full of the germs of evil.

I admired the huge ch Read for my English Literature Class. I could hear his bitchy inner junior high school girl complaining to Nora about the woman he had been talking to before his two faced nature bamboa had the chance to show itself.

Casa di bambola by Henrik Ibsen (4 star ratings)

Books by Henrik Ibsen. I could see him petting Nora and teaching her to not want anything that matters. I longed for her to fall under the pressure and the threats targeted at her left, right and centre. Being free requires us to release the brakes that anxiety represents in order to accept and appropriate our proper spiritual fulfillment or perhaps even to recognize, if that is what we in the end believe, that no such prospect is in store.

Ibsen’s work examined the realities that lay behind many facades, possessing a revelatory nature that was disquieting to many contemporaries. This reminded me a lot of The Awakening by Kate Chopin. Nora comes to understand that she has never understood anything. I can see his smug face with or without an actor to fill his bloated head. Those cute endearments that I just mentioned were in fact demeaning terms used by Torvald to describe his little plaything which Nora had become.


In fact they probably did, or even worse, especially in literature, if Tolstoy’s Anna or Flaubert’s Emma can be used as examples.

He leaves his card that he is going off to die all alone. She borrowed a substantial sum of money a few years ago abmbola finance a trip to Italy to help Torvald recover from a major illness.

John Locke and Karl Marx. I’m not sure how she managed. But she didn’t want to look into the audience and see something else. I need to hear it all again. Sembra svampita la donna, tutta feste, regali, ninnoli e dolciumi.

Teach me how to live? Seeing each twist and turn unfold, so cleverly, definitely turned this read into a page turner!

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I had this in my huge box of plays so that’s how it happened. Ibsen, does not pass judgement with either camp, but only says that Nora should be given the right to decide for herself.

They were completely scandalised with what Ibsen presented them and the controversial criticism he ibsne on marriage conventions. I ended up liking quite a bit. Simply couldn’t put it down. I can see her husband correcting her steps, a dark Geppeto holding the strings.