Downloading the manual – Refer to the following instructions on how to download the manual. – The manual is saved as the PDF file. 1. Click a file name at the. View and Download Canon PowerShot A basic user’s manual online. Canon Digital Camera User Guide. PowerShot A Digital Camera pdf manual. We have 9 Canon PowerShot A manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Using Manual, Advanced User’s Manual, Software Starter Manual, .

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Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended. This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories.

Table of Contents Items marked with a functions or procedures. Conventions Used in this Guide Adjusting the Exposure Compensation Please note that Canon Inc. Camera Body Temperature If your camera is used for prolonged periods, the camera body may become warm.

Canon PowerShot A560 Manuals

Please be aware of this and take care when operating the camera for an extended period. Immediately turn the camera power off and remove the camera batteries or unplug the battery charger or compact power adapter from the power outlet.

Do not use substances containing alcohol, benzine, thinners or other flammable substances to clean or maintain the equipment. Do not cut, damage, alter or place heavy items on the power cord. Use only recommended power accessories. Remove the power cord on a regular periodic basis and wipe away the dust and dirt that collects on the plug, the manuql of powershkt power outlet and the surrounding area.

The compact power adapter is designed for exclusive use with this equipment. Do not use it powwershot other products. There is a risk of overheating and distortion which could result in fire or electrical shock. Be careful not to bang the camera or subject it to strong impacts or shocks that could lead to injury or damage the equipment when wearing or holding it by the strap.

Do not store the equipment in humid or dusty areas. Do not allow metal objects such as pins or keys or dirt to contact the charger terminals mnaual plug. Do not operate the flash with dirt, dust or other items stuck to the surface of the flash. Be careful not to cover the flash with your fingers or clothing when shooting. The flash may be damaged and emit smoke or noise.

The resulting heat build-up could damage the flash. If the indicator blinks orange and the camera shake icon displays, these indicate there is insufficient illumination and a slow shutter speed will be selected.

Shoot using the following methods. Detailed Shooting Mode Basic Guide pp. A sound file in a format other than the WAVE format is attached or the file format is not recognized. Histogram Function The histogram is a graph that allows you manuall check the brightness of the image.

The greater the bias toward the left canonn the graph, the darker the image. The greater the bias toward the right, the brighter the image. If the image is too dark, adjust the exposure compensation to a positive value. Power Saving Manuxl This camera is equipped with a power saving function.

The power will shut off in the following circumstances. Press the power button again to restore power. Shooting Mode Powers down approximately 3 minutes after the last control is accessed on the camera. Menu Sets many of the functions commonly used during shooting. Menu You mabual switch between menus with powershto button when this part is selected.


Menu The powersoht shown below are the default settings. Menu Item Self-timer 10 sec. Shutter Volume Playback Vol. As this setting will be stored to memory even when the power is turned off, to print using an image size other than [Auto] however, the connection method cannot be changed while mnual to a printer.

Formatting Memory Cards Mamual should always format a new memory card or one from which you wish to erase all images and other data. Please note that formatting initializing a memory card erases all data, including protected images and other file types. See Menus and Settings p.

See Memory Cards and Estimated Capacities pp. When printing to postcards p. You can combine digital zoom with optical zoom when shooting. The available shooting characteristics and focal lengths 35mm film equivalent are as follows.

Selection Standard 35 — Depending on the number of recording pixels set, image quality may deteriorate factor appear in blue.

About the Digital Tele-Converter The digital tele-converter feature uses digital zoom to achieve the effects of a tele-converter a lens used for telephoto shooting. This reduces the chance that only the background will appear dark when a night scene or an interior shot is taken. Actual results may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions. The interval between shots lengthens when the built-in memory of the camera fills.

PowerShot A – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

If the flash is used, the interval between shots lengthens because the flash must charge. Postcard Mode Shooting Mode You can shoot images with the optimal settings for postcards by composing them inside the print area width-to-height ratio of approximately 3: Embedding the Date in the Image Data You can embed the date in image data when mode is selected.

Grid Lines Displays grid lines to divide the screen into 9 parts. Helps confirm the vertical and horizontal positioning of the subject. Movie Shooting Shooting Mode The following movie modes are available. For information on the recording pixels and frame rate in each mode, refer to Recording Pixels and Frame Rates p. Standard You can select the recording pixels and frame rate and record until the memory card is full when a super high-speed memory card is used, such as the recommended SDCMSH.

Menu See Menus and Settings p. Use the movie mode and press the FUNC. Pressing the shutter button halfway automatically sets the exposure, focus and white balance settings. You are recommended to use a memory card that has been formatted in your camera to shoot movies p. The memory card supplied with the camera may be used without further formatting. Be careful of the following while recording. You can set the AF frame in the following ways.

If the shutter button is pressed halfway while the LCD monitor is on, the AF frame appears as follows: Shooting preparations complete – Yellow: Focusing difficulty AiAF is set to [Off]. Focusing difficulty AiAF is set to [On]. The following occurs when [Face Detect] is selected.


Subjects with extremely low contrast to the surroundings Scenes with a mixture of near and far subjects Subjects with extremely bright objects at the center of the composition Subjects that are moving quickly Subjects through glass: Try to shoot as close to the glass as Aim the camera so that an object at the same focal distance as the main subject is centered in the AF frame.

Press and hold the shutter button halfway and press icon will appear on the LCD monitor. This is effective when the contrast is too strong between the subject and background or when a subject is backlit.

You must mnaual the flash to the flash fires. Locking the Flash Exposure Setting FE Lock Shooting Mode You can lock the flash exposure so that the exposure settings are correctly set regardless of the composition of your subject.

Turn on the LCD monitor. Press the Focus on the part of the subject on which you wish to lock the flash exposure setting. Adjusting the Exposure Compensation Shooting Mode Adjust the exposure compensation to a positive value to avoid making the subject danon dark when it is backlit or shot against a bright background.

Shooting in Long Shutter Mode Shooting Mode You can set the shutter speed to a slow setting to make dark subjects appear brighter. This setting is reset once the camera is turned off. The canoon of CCDs is such that noise in the recorded image increases at long shutter speeds.

This camera, however, applies special processing to images shot at shutter speeds slower than 1.

When the looking colors, change the white balance using a setting appropriate for the light source. Using the Custom White Balance You can set a custom white balance to obtain the optimal setting for the shooting conditions by having the camera evaluate an object, such as a piece of white paper or cloth, or a photo-quality gray card that you wish to establish as the standard white color.

The correct white balance may not be obtained when the exposure setting is incorrect image appears completely black or white. Shoot with the same settings as when reading the white balance data. Use the My Colors mode.

Use the [Contrast], [Sharpness] or [Saturation] and the The altered color will display. This completes the setting. Adjusting the ISO Speed Shooting Mode Raise the ISO speed to use a fast shutter speed when you wish to reduce the effects of camera shake or avoid blurry subjects, or to turn the flash off when shooting in a dark area. Setting the Auto Rotate Function Shooting Mode Your camera is equipped with an Intelligent Orientation sensor that detects the orientation of an image shot with the camera held vertically and automatically rotates it to the correct orientation when viewing it in the LCD monitor.

Set up Menu [Off]. Creating an Image Destination Folder Shooting Mode You can create a new folder at any time and the recorded images will be automatically saved to that folder.