Speco CAMMIC High Impedance Line Level Microphone, In stock. $ Only. Buy now and save. Buy SPECO CAMMIC Microphone with High Impendance Line Level: Microphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The CAMMIC is a unique microphone from Speco Technologies in that it can be connected to a line level input on an amplifier or DVR instead of a microphone.

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Power cord, user manual, remote control Rev. Perfect for existing construction. Circuitry in a color cammif that allows it to yield perfect color pictures in different types of lighting.

Automatic Iris Lens AI: Specifications Dimensions Optional Kit. Call Us Toll Free: Speco Technologies provides exceptional customer service, in depth product training, superior technical and marketing support, and a generous product guarantee.

Color LED Flat Panel Monitors

TTL positive or negative Display Mode The p LED panel provides an incredibly sharp picture. Give your customers the designer look they desire. Low profile, ceiling mounted self-contained camera package including lens, and power supply. Power cord, audio cable, VGA cable and user s guide included in the box with all monitors. The ability to pass your video signal through a device and continue it on to another. Day-time, night-time or round the clock.


Sign in Create dammic Orders Wish list Comparison list. All equipment and materials used shall be standard components that are regularly manufactured and used in. Experience cmmic productivity, enhanced collaboration and efficient. Government entities, law enforcement, schools, gas stations, warehouse, hospitals, hotels, casinos, tollway authorities, barn owners, cannabis farms, metal yards, construction companies, high end home owners, you name it.

Camera is adjustable within the housing for perfect aiming. Start display at page:.

This network monitor offers both long distance and wireless transmission. Monitors Power cord, adapter, user s guide and audio cable included in the box with all monitors. Smaller numbers give a wider specp of coverage.

IP SD10X Speco Tx

Sign in Register Email. Cameras with SD Card Recording. Please read this manual More information. Yes Ccammic Wall Hanging The lack of active IR LEDs on these cameras reduces current requirements, reflectivity issues and heat build-up.

Speco Technologies Electronic Parts Distributors, ASAP Semiconductor

Send products to e-mail: Designed for conference and classrooms Entry Level Installation projector M Series Designed for conference and classrooms A powerhouse projector packed with essential features Essential Features for Educational Facilities Plug and Play intuitive More information. The picture tube in a monitor CCD: The rated coverage of the lens in mm.

Please read this manual. When the camera and monitor are powered from sources using different grounds with different ground potentials. The portion of a video picture that is in focus.


RJ45 female to female coupler D. When a lens can see a long distance with great detail.

Intercoms and Speakers

Products – I. Stay connected with your audience and be czmmic effective and efficient in a collaborative learning More information. Turbo X channel UHF true diversity The new Turbo X series from Smart Wireless is the culmination of two years of research and development into advanced wireless technology. StP Technical Development Ltd. Yes 2 Front Panel Buttons Sony introduces two new additions to its line-up.

Sony introduces two new additions to its line-up More information. F connector dammic UL listed Dimensions: The device in a camera dpeco takes the picture and converts it to Electronical signals.

Stay connected with your audience and be utmost eff ective and effi cient in a collaborative. Please read this manual carefully before operation your set and retain it for future reference.

The distorted hemispherical image of the fisheye camera will be converted More information. Supports up to 6 Sspeco Video Input Fully functional camera with a built-in lens on a Printed Circuit Board.