The story is told by Willie Ashenden, a character who previously appeared in Maugham’s short-story collection Ashenden. A novelist, Ashenden is befriended by. Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham” ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED CAKES AND ALE knew that nothing short of a downright “go. Complete summary of W. Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Cakes and Ale.

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I had also a considerable affec- tion for Roy. The parlour was papered with an old marbled paper and on the walls were water col- ours of romantic scenes, cavaliers bidding good-bye to their ladies and knights of old banqueting in stately halls; there maaugham large ferns in pots, and the armchairs were covered with faded leather.

His adult voice is dry and boring. She often held her mouth a little open, as though it were just go- maguham to break into a smile, and her lips were full and red.

Who has it, who doesn’t and how some play the promotion game — znd teas, salons, At Homes, courting critics. The setting is London and Blackstable, Kent, a fictitious town modeled on Whitstable, on the north coast of Kent in sou I like this a lot, so four stars is what I shall give it. Beauty is that which satisfies the aesthetic instinct. Ultimately, though, his main message here is of a piece with that of some andd early 20th-century writers: I was shocked and thrilled by what Mary-Ann told me, but I had difficulty in believing it.

I tried hard not to let the emotion I felt appear on my face. The sky was unclouded and the air hot and bright, but the North Sea gave it a pleasant tang so that it was a de- light just to live and breathe.


I thought he might like to make a rubbing himself. Of these only a few remained when I entered upon the scene and they were used as ornaments in the drawing room. Of course she had to be very careful. You come to know whom the story is really about and how one person’s life is rolled up in another’s. I thought it a ridiculous name for any- one to have. The humor is amusing, not nasty.

They shyly admitted that they had, and if it was at ans vicarage I was sent to fetch it. We must have a game one of these days.

Cakes and Ale | novel by Maugham |

The carter had taken my trunk and I walked to the station by myself. It is no good his thinking that it is enough to write one or two masterpieces; he must provide a pedestal for them of forty or fifty works of no particular consequence.

On the Chippendale sideboard were silver candlesticks. I resented it vastly when people called me Master Willie.

Driffield say that she had never even heard of her. He was so pleasant that his fellow writers, his rivals and contemporaries, forgave him even the fact that he was a gen- tleman.

From Cold Comfort Farm to Infinite Jest: ten novels with titles from Shakespeare

Cakex Goodreads description for the book is reasonably accurate, th This particular book was adopted as a common read in one of my Goodreads groups, which is how I came to read it previously, I’d actually never heard of it. He lived in a new brick house that stood in its own grounds and he drove his own trap. He’s a pied piper. His career might well have served as a model for any young man entering upon the pursuit of literature.

Alroy Kear expected me at one-fifteen at his club in St. I was caakes a small boy and he was a middle- aged man. At first I thought it might be Ted Driffield and I was on the point of going out when he stopped and lit a pipe; I saw it was Lord George, I wondered what he was doing there and at the same moment it struck me that he was waiting for Mrs. The house was dakes nicely fur- nished and the piano was new. But while I chatted with the curate he looked at me in a friendly way, with a smile in his pale blue eyes.


Apr 30, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: Driffield gave me a piece of cake. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I began to feel a curious affection for the undulating, opulent, and gracious country.

I knew him well enough to be aware that he would not let the matter drop, and that I should be reminded of my transgression for years. In comparing the first and the second wives, you see such a difference in characters that is such a stark contrast. We had cold supper at eight so that after tea she had little to do.

Cakes and Ale

Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. We went far afield, to one church after another, taking rubbings of brasses, knights in armour and ladies in stiff farthingales.

The novel is a quick read, with an unintimidating style, and Maugham’s skill at characterization is much in evidence though I personally don’t find Rosie as unqualifiedly winsome as some readers do.