name, Bus Heidingsfeld Reuterstraße => Würzburg Stadtmitte (über network, WVV. ref, 16 to, Würzburger Stadtmitte (über Lehmgrubensiedlung). Buslinie 29 – Würzburg HBF => Würzburg Landesgartenshow hinzufügen name, Bus Landesgartenshow => Würzburg Busbahnhof. network, WVV. name, Bus Heidingsfeld/Sanderau/Frauenland/Uni Hubland/Gerbrunn/ Lengfeld. network, WVV. note, Lengfeld über Frauenland Hubland. operator, WSB.

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Effective pre-selection Trainee and Apprentice Selection. Open Grid Self Assessment promotes the self-directed development for promising busfaheplan. For the long-term motivation of promising employees and in order to commit them to the enterprise, Open Grid Europe not only identifies talent, but notably provides orientation and development possibilities.

Their aim is to provide promising employees with the tools to manage their personal development process independently. To maintain its wrzbufg as a leading organisation, EDP’s accelerated development program for its graduates is key – and selecting these participants crucial. Securing the future engineering needs of ESB: Deloitte Ireland, supported by cut-e, wins award for best innovation in graduate recruitment.

This was busfagrplan a number of new on-campus attraction and selection initiatives, including a state-of-the-art mobile-enabled assessment developed by cut-e.

The company examined the effectiveness of each component, bringing the most effective assessments earlier into the screening stage. With world-renowned brands including Nivea and Eucerin and a strong employer brand, Beiersdorf has little difficulty in attracting young talent. The company has developed a wide-ranging talent strategy for young people — from apprentices and students through to interns, working students and trainees.

Innovative, diversity-supporting and brand-differentiating graduate selection at Deloitte Ireland. Introducing chatAssess to achieve a more efficient and engaging assessment process at Deloitte. With the help of cut-e Jurys Inn conducted a Business Impact Study in order to highlight which personality characteristics deliver their brand.

Showing which applicant would be a good fit, a traffic light rating system was developed, from green, indicating a perfect fit, to red, indicating the candidate is not going to fit culturally within the company. Game-based assessments for more engaging recruitment – a refreshing experience for candidates.

Rolls-Royce, supported by cut-e, win prestigious recruitment award for the best mobile assessment experience. With its unique commercial and sales model, Securitas Direct sought to better understand what makes for success within the company – and to look fot this in candidates early in the application process.

From working with cut-e, Securitas Direct understands: Those with higher SJQ scores are likely to stay beyong the four-month time-to-competence period. Vodafone UK set out to revolutionise assessment centres to save resources and time whilst supporting the brand. Paperless assessment centres are now more efficient, shorter and offer a cutting edge experience. To support its diversity and inclusion strategy, BAE Systems wanted to design an assessment process which was valid, fair and robust, regardless of gender or ethnic background.


Local bus pass – Wurzburg Forum

Rolls-Royce chose to partner with cut-e to develop a more engaging, innovative and robust assessment process, which would highlight good-quality candidates early in the selection process and thereby improve success rates at the assessment centre and job offer stages.

The challenge was to attract technologically and digitally savvy applicants for sales roles and establish reverse mentoring of less digitally aware managers. Read this onepager to see how this was achieved. Working together, Dell and cut-e create an assessment and interview process to predict professional and profitable sales behaviour. Ensure a more comprehensive, consistent and “predictive” approach to selecting talent. Optimized use of online assessments via the integration with an ATS.

Article published 27 May on OrgVue: HR Interventions with Impact: Measuring the value of HR inputs and showing results in numbers – shown in case studies. Generali is a multinational insurance group with approximately 71, employees working in over 60 countries. On the German market it is the second largest primary insurance group.

The German sales team is responsible for a wide range of products from a diverse selection of insurance and prevention sectors. Selecting strong salespeople is crucial. The recruiter is a time traveler – A new way of recruiting in Octapharma Stockholm. Introducing an objective, informed and timely recruitment process — accepted by the managers. An innovative way to support employability skills in student recruitment. Its aim is to support and develop Eastern European managers as they complete their Masters degree.

This, in turn, contributes to the economic health and stability of their home countries and supports the political security of Eastern Europe. The performance programme within Salzburg AG looks to develop those with talent so they take key roles in the future.

The challenge is to identify efficiently and fairly the potential of those on the programme and to develop them into these roles. Retaining the competitive edge at easyJet has a number of important components: Defining sales success and measuring it in a re-designed standard process. Achieving process efficiency, quality of hire and return on investment when recruiting cabin crew, pilots and graduates at easyJet.


Large-scale graduate recruitment across Europe to build a Telefonica fit for the future.

To centralise or not to centralise — how Tesco is driving best qrzburg in resourcing and selection in a large and complex international business. Decentralized recruitment process to hire successful insurance agents at Volksfuersorge Generali.

Reference WVV Würzburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft

Using online assessment tools within Aer Lingus to predict behavioural fit in cadet airline pilots and qvv technician apprentices. Creating a Europe wide online assessment and interview process that predicts professional and profitable sales behaviour.

Intelligent graduate assessment design engaging the business and candidates through context-relevant exercises. The role of Online Assessment in attracting and selecting young potential.

Predicting high performance Manager an Sales Advisors in a high value retail environment.

Integrating online assessment in the busfahrpkan process at Deutsche Telekom. Faced with the challenge of busfahrplaj the best candidates from a large number of graduate applicants, and knowing that they needed the experience of external providers, EADS looked to cut-e and the consultancy company Mannaz to support their recruitment process. Making sure selection and assessment processes deliver busahrplan quality candidates and a great candidate experience. Creating a career navigator tool for employees to help map career paths.

The study shows the success of linking psychometric assessment results to performance and diversity. Reduced time-to-hire and cost savings at MSC Cruises: Internals First – An approach to cultivate the internal labor market. The VDI sought to deploy a management assessment not only to ensure that the management guidelines of the organisation are applied and that a two-way feedback culture is reinforced, but also to further develop the organisation itself.

Institute of Mathematics – Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik

The VDI alsosaw that such assessment also provides managers self-insight which in turn supports their own development. After a fundamental restructuring of its top management tier, the HR director of Azelis Group recognised the need for a comprehensive Management Audit of the entire management team. With almost 30 locations across the world, Azelis ranks among the top distributors within the chemical industry.

After reviewing and standardising its corporate values and competencies throughout its operations, Belden needed to restructure its existing international recruitment to align. This comprised of the recruitment process itself as well as online assessments. Integrated talent management at Commerzbank: