The book is made of two parts: the first one is a detailed exploration of the litterature around Pasteur’s rise from obscurity to fame and of the corresponding. The Pasteurization of France [Bruno Latour, Alan Sheridan, John Law] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What can one man accomplish. The pasteurization of France: Bruno Latour, translated by Alan Sheridan and John Law (Cambridge, Massachusetts and London: Harvard University Press.

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Overall, sadly, a perfect example of a mind left rotten from rea Oft held as a genius in postmodern sociology circles, and as a buffoon in pretty much everywhere else. As you note, this book articulates an early version of actor-network theory.

Harvard University Press- Science – pages. Introduction Materials and Methods. The aim is still the same, to get everywhere, but the program of public works is quite different. Sociologists of the sciences often claim to be providing a poUtical or social explanation of the content of a science, such as physics, mathematics, or biology.

But surely not to create them! By deploying the same forces, Fuchs gets results that bear no comparison with earHer ones.

They changed what they wanted to do, while at the same time achieving it at last by following Pasteurism.

Bruno Latour – The Pasteurization of France

The temporal framework itself is useless. For this reason the presentation of the documentary materials does not follow the historical path but rather the network of associations that slowly make up the Pasteurian world. At the cost of accepting microbiology, the sup- port of its laboratories, and even the continual praise of the “great Pasteur,” they advanced their cause more quickly and strengthened their positions everywhere by weakening their adversaries, whether microparasites or public authorities.


A provocative reconceptualization of how to write of the history of science.

Full text of “Bruno Latour The Pasteurization Of France ( )”

Or rather some hygienists tried to do so, but in great epochs: The primary mechanism describes the alliances and make-up of the forces, whereas the second explains why the forces are mixed together under a name that represents them.

Please enter your name. They would like to attribute definite interests to the social groups that shape science, to endow them with exphcit bound- aries, and to reconstruct a strict chain of command going from mac- rostructures to the fine grain of science.

A war is not a connection of bits and pieces of other spheres. Instead of leading to sociological reductionism, this method leads to an unexpected irreductionism. In this case all articles from to were treated and codified according to a single speci- fication that was also borrowed from semiotics. It is an ill-composed entity which excludes most of the elements that allow it to exist.

Nor do we have to know in advance what is important and what is negligible and what causes shifts in the battle we observe around us. Similar Items Related Subjects: This section consists of an introduction and then chapters of numbered propositions. But the situation is even more discouraging in that this distortion does not always occur.

This critique on the non moderns seems to me the most important part of Latour, because everything else he does is creating an alternative starting from this critique eg.

Few people still beheve in such an Enlightenment, for at least one reason. The water from the tub was thrown out into the very steep street and traveled over 50 meters”p. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


This is why it is pointless to claim that Pasteur’s discov- eries were believed because they were convincing. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. The hygiene congresses were, like Bouchar- dat’s style, an attic in which everything was kept because sometime it might come in handy.

So what can we say about the juridical link redefined by the hygienist that must act everywhere in order to make the whole social body interdependent? It is the hygienist movement that defined what was at stake, prescribed the aims, posed the problems, demanded that others should solve them, distributed praise or blame, and laid down priorities.

Some features of WorldCat will not be available. He is willing to hand Pasteur the keys of the Institut simply by sug- gesting its possibihty. Fuchs was pow- erless to prevent all the causes of a disease.

Although opponents were numerous enough in the Academic de Medecine, where Pasteur sought them out with a violent rhetoric, there were only two in the Revue: These polemical versions of what science is and should be are convenient to fight the barbarians and keep them at arm’s length; they are of no avail for describing what a polemic is and how science and war have come to be so intermingled.

Too many causes can be found side by side to allow for any definite position on the matter.

The scientists translates the generals interests: Would you also like to submit a review for this item?