Brian Aldiss with David Wingrove. TRILLION YEAR SPREE T H E O F. H I S T O R Y. S C I E N C E. F I C T I O N. Ever since Brian Aldiss’s first Science Fiction. Begins at the birth of science fiction, with Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” and studies the development of the genre to its present position in contemporary. Trillion Year Spree (The Brian Aldiss Collection) eBook: Brian Aldiss: uk: Kindle Store.

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Aldiss has a broad take on the question of what science-fiction is, and there is a strange, eerie theme running through the book: The History of Science Fiction, which won the prestigious Hugo and “Locus Awards for best non-fiction work in the bgian fiction genre.

Aug 10, Luke rated it it was ok Shelves: Fala-nos aqui do aventureirismo selvagem de H. What is it good for?

Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction by Brian W. Aldiss

A life’s worth of potential wonder is no small fortune. Aldiss found this belief annoying: It has unfortunately formed the hallmark of the genre.

These books must become part of the curriculum yfar any cutting edge art and design school across the world, I think to myself. Sometimes his criticisms of other authors made me audibly wince.

I don’t agree with everything Aldiss says, but the praise assigned is generally alciss. Outros nomes desvaneceram-se, e outros renderam-se ao comercialismo que Aldiss tanto critica ao longo desta obra.

Trillion Year Spree

I wish Aldiss had written an updated, updated version of this that reached through the 90’s and early ‘s before he passed away. Which is to say it’s more about Aldiss presenting his opinions of authors, stories, novels, editors, etc. The Gor novels are for addicts, not adults.


May 19, Serdar rated it it was amazing. Aldiss who wrote the original version of this book, Billion Year Spree and Wingrove smartly spend most of the book before the s, focusing on the twin progenitors of modern SF: Books by Brian W.

Many chapters are little more than lists of works with no real insight or analysis. InCleve Cartmill thought it would be cool to write a story about the Allies developing a futuristic super bomb.

Clarke and Frederik Pohl. Aug 27, Charles rated it liked it Bbrian Anyway, it’s a very interesting read. Experiments with a style that reflected content xldiss was As a voracious reader of SF in the 70s and 80s, I thought I had a fairly good grounding in the “classics,” but this book revealed some of my deficiencies, albeit none that I’m necessarily interested in correcting at this late date.

Return to Book Page. To cut the longish review in my mind to a short one in word-processor social media space, I will mention that the book is a whopping pages. We can’t touch it.

Lovecraft, and so all the way past Tolkien to today’s non-stop fantasy worlders. Oct 15, Anthony Faber rated it it was amazing. Was this book originally a ‘Billion Year Spree’? So I say it would be wise to read Aldiss before entering the space of the argument put forth by Kelly and Kessel. They’re as informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining as ever. Published July 1st by House of Stratus first published I likely would never have read Clifford Simak or Zena Henderson if Aldiss’ book had not introduced them to me.


He wrote his first novel while working as a bookseller in Oxford. As a history of an ongoing phenomenon, those missing years up to the present day would steeply diminish the value of this book. Aldiss researched and wrote the first version of his history, ‘Billion Year Spree’, in the 70s. Then add another 25 years of the stuff…. Along the way it pauses long enough to note certain knots in the strand that have made it stronger woah, I It’s no easy task to write a history of science fiction, as amorphous a publishing category as there is, so I hesitate to call this book a failure on those terms alone.

Trillion Year Spree by Brian Aldiss and David Wingrove

Carol Kerry-green rated it really liked it Dec 06, Gernsback’s segregation of what he liked to call ‘scientifiction’ into magazines designed to contain nothing else, ghetto-fashion, guaranteed the setting up of various narrow orthodoxies inimical to any thriving literature. See 2 questions about Trillion Year Spree….

But this one example doesn’t mean that Moorcock wasn’t himself involved in flaunting convention for attention, nor the true power behind some of the stories championed by Ellison including some of Ellison’s own writing.