I wish to provide some historical perspective on the input by Sojo of the “Boots” Blesse tactics summary. Not for historical correctness. No Guts No Glory (Blesse & Cleveland). Article code P-NGNG (Blesse & Cleveland). Condition New. No Guts No Glory by Ray Waddley. Signed by Boots Blesse. Betty Blesse, wife of late Maj. Gen. Frederick “Boots” Blesse, watches as two F-4 Phantom II aircraft fly overhead during a memorial dedication.

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Ron marked it as to-read May 26, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The idea of a wingman is a good one, not the welded wing but a loose trail or overwatch position ready to clear your wingmates 6.

No Guts, No Glory by Frederick C. Blesse

Some of the aces in the Korean War were notable by how many wingmen boogs lost in the process of posting personal victories. Not for historical correctness. Best unclassified look at it is Shaw, Robert The F-4 pilots destroyed seven MiGs, with two more probable kills. The changes came about because of aircraft detection system technical leaps, missile developments blessee pilots having much more training. Air Force since Korean War Service Medal.

Vietnam Service Medal with four bronze campaign stars. A better one is to loosely follow your leader, aboutft above the him. Pogo68 5 Posted 24 March – This called for Memorial Day to be held on the final Monday each May and gloty honor fallen military personnel from all American wars.


Read it and enjoy it for its clarity and take its spirit with you. He just hangs on, does not shoot unless cleared by is leader and is there to alert the leader to a threat; whilst leader can concentrate on out maneuvering and killing an vuts bird.

It put smiles to my face cuz of how highly regarded and respected he was by my group of fighter pilots at Nellis. InVollkommer traveled with General Michael Moseley, then the Air Force chief of staff, to visit the Lafayette Escadrille monument, located just outside Paris in the small town of Marnes-la-Coquette.

Famous Sayings: #12 — ‘No Guts, No Glory!’ – Shmaltz and Menudo

Available on Amazon in Hard Cover still. But with modern weapons systems, he adds, attacks also may be mounted from in front. He flew two combat tours during the Korean Warcompleting 67 missions in Ps35 missions in Fs and missions in Fs.

Enthusiasm increases interest, which in turn pays dividends in overall accomplishment. Jonathan rated it it was amazing Mar 12, And it shows the wingmen following their leader almost on a welded wing. I can prove that in there was not a “legal” fighter v fighters training flight in the stateside USAF.

“No Guts No Glory” by L/Col. Frederick C. Blesse.

General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery on the first Decoration Day, when members of both of the Union and Confederacy would be honored by the laying of flowers by their graves. Blesse was commissioned a year early due to World War IIgraduating from West Point and being awarded his pilot wings on June 5, Navy and the Royal Air Force.


I could write a serious book on this topic area but will try to keep this forum input simple and maybe useful. Languages Norsk Edit links. If you don’t think this can’t happen, I’ve got at least ho kills that way. Air Service in They had four children and three step-children.

United Nations Service Medal for Korea. Army of Occupation Medal with ‘Japan’ clasp. He earned his pilot wings just as World War II was ending and did gus see any combat during the war. The calm, inspirational Boelcke was idolized among his pilots—von Richthofen the Red Baron among them.

Famous Sayings: #12 — ‘No Guts, No Glory!’

I flew with guys in the 60s who had gone to front line combat in the P with only about ten hours of time in it He defends the stereotype of the swaggering, macho fighter pilot.

KloudRains 3 Posted 23 March – After his retirement from the Air Force, he worked with the Grumman Corporation before he completely retired. Simple, we just do not have the communications to support it.

If you have a story to tell about this trip, I would love to read it. Books by Frederick C.