Frontview of the FLUOstar Omega, a microplate reader from the BMG LABTECH to a fully-equipped POLARstar Omega with up to seven detection modes. The POLARstar Omega is the fully-equipped Omega-series microplate reader, offering all the features of a FLUOstar Omega, and in addition fluorescence. The BMG LABTECH PHERAstar and POLARstar Omega plate readers are superbly designed instruments with a shared, simple user interface.

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The control part of the Two precise onboard injectors with an exceptional low software allows users to dene instrument parameters dead volume allow simultaneous reagent injection and assay omfga. Users can adjust all Simultaneous Dual Emission SDE detection allows the measurement of two emitted wavelengths at the same time. Product details Application notes Technical specifications Accessories Compare readers.

Four NIST traceable optical density filters approximate values of 0. Microplate reader technologies More about our technologies.

Automation Automation is a key feature in high-throughput screening. This prevents condensation build-up on the lid or sealer.

Microplate Readers – BMG Labtech – POLARstar Omega

Open the catalog to page 4. Many of today’s most popular assays such as enzyme kinetics, omfga flux, and dual luciferase require the ability to monitor a signal during and after the addition of a reagent. This allows for a much higher signal-to-noise ratio than in competing readers and for lower omegx of detection. Alternatively, up to eight discrete wavelengths can be collected at the same time.


Open the catalog to page ploarstar. Product Details Multi-mode microplate reader with Simultaneous Dual Emission – including fluorescence polarization. Liquid filled light guides Bottom: Filters are also the technically preferred and most Alternatively, the Gas Vent is a positive pressure gas purge through which the internal atmosphere of the microplate reader can be replaced.

Using this correction, data normalization to 1 cm path is given with only one mouse click.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Download brochure PDF Request more information. Please contact your local representative for more details or a quote. For non-homogeneous samples such as for cell-based assays, where the sample distribution is uneven across the well, a single reading in the centre of the well is inadequate.

Top and bottom reading Endpoint and kinetic measurements Sequential Multi Excitation measurements Sequential Multi Emission measurements Simultaneous Dual Emission measurements Spectral scanning absorbance Ratiometric measurements Well scanning. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Automation is a key feature in high-throughput screening.

Flexibility Backed by German engineering and technology, the POLARstar Omega is a versatile, automated microplate reader offering the following main detection modes: SciPette Autoclaveable Variable Pipettors. LVis Plate Low-volume measurements. Evaluation Plate Functional validation. Our Products Are Hosted On: Sign up for exclusive offers, News and Discount Codes. Atmospheric Control Unit Enhanced cell-based assays. Moreover, specific proprietary luminescence optics increase the signal in various plate formats 96,orallowing for an uncompromised signal regardless of your plate format.

POLARstar OMEGA Microplate Reader | SciQuip

Microplate Stacker Microplate handling system. Quality Control Internal Standards optional: Need further assistance or can’t find what you’re looking for?


The Online Medical Device Exhibition. It reduces plate read times and corrects for any signal variation due to differences in well volumes, concentrations, or fluctuations in excitation energy.

Injectors enable reagent delivery to any plate format from 6 to wells. This is ideal for multi-excitation and multi-emission applications. Get in touch with us on Need further assistance or can’t find what you’re looking for? Incubation and shaking Shaking and incubation allow users to mix the well content and easily run measurements at elevated temperatures. View all Application Notes. Conforms to SBS standards for microplates. Filter-Based Detection For uorescence and luminescence assays lters provide precise and superior performance for both sensitivity and selectivity.

No BRET occurs for negative control. The following main categories are amongst a wide range of possible applications: Alternatively, in spiral or orbital averaging mode, the reader takes several measurements for each well on a defined spiral or orbit and calculates an average.

POLARstar Omega – BMG Labtech – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Thank you for signing up! Please complete all details of your enquiry and we will get back to you shortly. Shaking and incubation allow users to mix the well content and easily run measurements at elevated temperatures.